Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bangkok Day 1

It's been a great trip of makan & shopping :)
NOPE... I did not visit any of those famous-tourist-must-go-see-feel-places.
That will be next time, there's always next time coz I can't wait to go again.
SO if you are expecting pictures of beautiful temples, sleeping Buddhas, saffron robbed monks, floating marketing, tuk-tuks, go-go bars, transexuals....then I am so sorry coz this gonna be loaded with my indulgence for the past 4 days. ...baaaaaaaaa....

monkey & Devi, assistant buyer for liquor & cigarettes

As you can see, monkey's blur face and it was only 8 in the morning...yawn...Mathi the buyer and JS at the back discussing on the biz they loved most.......alcos...

Devi & me were colleagues years back and we were in the same room together with the gang of buyers, where we'll gossip and laze at work....muahahaha....well whenever time permits and when CEO is out of the country.

"What the heck are both of you doin this early in satellite building?"
"EJ is coming to check the stores!!!"
"ooOOOoo..good luck & have fun....I didn't know that bitch is still your boss!"
"hahaha...she missed you."

Highlight from this meeting, we found out that Dom Perignon 96 is retailing at freaking cheap RM 430 in KLIA duty free....WAHHHHHH...cheap cheap cheap..go and get it...the problem is..how to smuggle a dozen of champagne out without being taxed by our beloved customs officer.

Bangsar BSC - RM 499
Isetan - RM 530
as stated the other day, JS really got us the 1st seats....1H and 1K...
and indeed we were the 1st to rush out and hopped into a limo as soon as we were cleared off by the immigration....pure kiasu.
this is Siam Paragon - the largest MALL in South East Asia!!!

We were staying just OPPPOSITE it!!!! heeeeeheee..*thank u baby*
I can spend a week only at this mall...there's so much to see-feel-hear-experience-buy-buy-buy-buy-buy-buy.....shop-shop-shop-shop-shop-shop...
This mall boast an area of 500,000 sq *faints*

You can get everything under the SUN here....even these..
Lamborghini Murcielago...fierce baby!!
YM..this pic for u..I know how much u lurve Lambo...nyek nyek nyek...retail price approximately RM 1.8 mil upon application.
a stand alone Maserati shop
*faints* they even have a shop dedicated to Ferarri.....*faints again*

this is really extremely huge mall and I shall not waste time on things that I can't afford.
monkey on the sky bridge from Big C to Isetan at Ratchaprasong

We were lucky that day as it was the opening of WTC....it's along the Sukhumvit Road 2 doors away fr Siam Paragon...it aims to be the largest in 6 months time. By this time, I can feel that my 2 tiny legs ain't enough to go to all the malls along Sukhumvit..coz there's:

MBK center - Big C - Siam Center - Siam Discovery Center - Siam Square - Siam Paragon - Central Dept Store - Central Point - Bonanza Mall - The Emporium - Narayana - Erawan - Robinson - Zen - Central World Plaza - The Peninsula Plaza

and so many more and all are within 5 minutes walk away....die die die...not enough time.
after I've crossed over, I saw more shopping centres on *the other* side....*faints*
those were the only clothes & accessories we had....real/true meaning of traveling light..hahah

we went to Bangkok with an empty cabin size luggage...came back with 5 solid heavy luggages. You'll know why if u were there..

Escada 50% Boss 40% Massimo Dutti 70% Von Dutch 30% Calvin Klein 60% Jaspal 60% Dolce & Gabbana 40% Coach 40% Mont Blanc 40% Gucci 40% Guess 50% Morgan de toi 50% Naf Naf 50% Marciano 50%

and mind you....it's not on selected items...it's STOREWIDE!!!! STOREWIDE!!!
yes follow me and say again...STOREWIDEEEEEEEEE!!!!
(translates to all items in the store)
PLUS...tourists get another 5% discount and rebate of 7% of VAT (value added tax)..
so I got all my Jaspal (60%) at a whopping 72%......*faints big time*
and Massimo Dutti at 82%.......*speechless*
I truly lurve this home breed brand of Thailand....Jaspal...fashion is big biz in Thailand and they even go all the way out and made Selma Blair the face for Spring/Summer 2006.
this is KATE MOSS for Jaspal......i lovelovelovelovelove JASPAL!!!!!! becoz i lovelovelovelove KATE MOSS!!!!
Milla Jovovich was the face for the previous season.....oooOOoooo the so Vendetta lips.
okie Bangkok Day 2 tomorrow.....:)

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