Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bwera Bwelar!!

YL aka Nee Lee & me aka Bee Ree
You will not understand the above title unless....
you are a "Sims" fanatic like us!!
Me and my roomies back in campus were practically living in their world playing this game for years!!!
This was one of the breakthrough game in the gaming industry...
for it's
and everything else

Well, this game got us
staying up nites after nites playing it,
neglect our boyfriends,
skipped our meals,
missed classes,
assignments were of no importance,
and practically no social life..hahaha

I still remember, the 1st thing that we do once we enter our homely room at HB3 2014, switch the damn monitor and start the game...
I can imagine ppl passing by our room, looking at the 3 of us playing Sims simultaneously on our computer screens.....
shake their heads....tsk tsk.....pity these girls....they are living in "The Sims" world..

yes we even speak simmish...the language spoken in the game.

"commas nala"
"dis graw is fredeshay"

nevermind the spelling, god knows that do they mean....and we bid farewell just like "The Sims" before heading out of the room for classes, outings etc

"deg deg"
"tama kutchiya"

Yes at this point, you may think that we were retarded.....but it's a great game.

We LURVE it!!!

GO and play it, sooner you can even speak better simmish than we did.
*click The SIMS*

So I hosted dinner for my Sims friend, YL aka Nee Lee (her Sims name) and her hubby...
grilled garlic bruschetta and tomato salsa bruschetta
home made beer bread with balsamic aragula
yummy moroccan stew *we forgot bout the cilantros.....aiks*
Chin Aik looked so cute here!!!!
soft centered chocolate pudding with spanish orange and Haagen Daaz Vanilla ice-cream
we had chassagne-montrachet 2002, a stunning chardonnay from prestigious grower in Cote de Beaune

8 years ago,
we met in the historical city of Malacca,
with one purpose,

What a small world,
Our fathers were once colleagues,
somehow fate brought us closer,
and I became your housemate...

I used to "mengada-ngada" with you,
with all the "eeks, nyeeks" on my door
which you found irritating,
and hilarious at the same time...
*me teasing YL with chin aik (eeks, nyeeks)*
Little did we know,
both of you fell beautifully in love,
united as husband and wife,
blessed with a beautiful rambutan...

from housemate to roomate,
come to think of it,
it's really meant to be,
and I'm glad it happened.

we shared many things in campus life,
late nites playing sims and doin supper,
watching endless brain damaging episodes of "south park"
to singing and dancing in our small cozy room.

we've learnt to be good "kepohs" too,
from peeping to eavesdropping,
all the juicy saucy dramatic scenarios,
under our strategic windows..
be there for each other,
enjoying the company and presence,
supporting each other in many ways,
especially when boyfriends can be such bastards..

Our fathers met doin a good cause,
educating and building others' future,
we met in the name of education,
will our children continue this legacy?

I shall not worry for the future,
for now I'll treasure and cherish you,
for everything that you have done for me,
in every way a sister would have.

Thank you very much YL,
I can't express how much,
for all your kindness and care,
that you have showered me.
Thank you.

the narcicist alwiz put herself in the centre...
finally after a few attempts, managed to squeeze the 3 of us into the frame *bad photographer*


neil said...

Gosh, what a lovely post... and all the wonderful things you wrote about our lives in uni... *eyes brimming with tears*

Thanks so much for the great dinner. It was such a pleasure meeting your other half :) Did you see the Sims posts on my blog? kekekek

CHER-RY said...

am so happy that both of you enjoyed much as I did. Hehehe