Wednesday, August 16, 2006

some random post

When u have no agenda or you have too many....this is what you blog about...craps and pics here & there...

Chris got me some lovely, sinful indulgence from Choz, Ampang Mall Level 3, KLCC
Saujana Golf Club serves the best solid mango juice....and it's dirt cheap RM 4.50
My Thai Sweet Basil died-ed on me...:( after 1 week
Koo Yong fr the Mornington estate Aust...we are planning to go there end Oct...*pending on someone's busy schedule*
went to visit someone's mixed property development somewhere *can't/not allowed to state the location, duh!!!*
"baby...can I have one unit?"..hehehehe...:)
he felt so proud and roamed & stomped into the granite stones....leaving monkey standing under the hot sun *ouch*
my 1st apple crumble....surprisingly good that I won't wanna eat any other apple crumble anymore...well except Peninsula HK..hehehe
with the usual dollop of vanilla ice-cream
short crust apple pie....yes it's ugly!! Will work on the pastry next time. :) Sorry readers, monkey was into some apple dessert freak mode last week.
got this during the usual lazy weekend countryside drive....mangosteens...yummy
pan-seared John Dory with a confit of sweet mixed capsicum served with roast chat potatoes...I dunno how ppl can come up with innovations out of what u have in the fridge at the very last minute....confirmed won't die of hunger.
*jumping up and down* 2 units of Liebherr are here!!!
I got this model WTU's selling at a discount online but...exld shipping cost...anyway these two fr Kitch (M) Sdn. Bhd.
still sitting pretty inside the box with all the tapes around....coz my sideboard is still in the design mode....*eddy cepat cepat*

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