Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Picnic by Le Rhone, Avignon

In our previous posting, after we have visited and walked on the broken bridge, we decided that it's a must do on the other side of the Rhone River. Picnic~~~~~
I dunno why I lurve picnics since I was a lil gal. Even in school, I have picnics with my friends, we brought our own mats and that beautiful pine tree would be ours. Everyday during recess *I was in the afternoon session*, that spot would be ours with other kids looking in awe. Picnic??? Yeah picnic and I was only 8 then.

Until today, we lurve to incorporate lil picnics whenever we could, esp if good locations were found. So in Avignon, where else could you ask for if not by the Rhone river overlooking the broken bridge?

The water level of the river was pretty high, thanks to the horrendous rain 2 days before. We were lucky to arrive in Avignon with no rain for 5 days. This trip had been reaaaaallllyyy lucky and fulfilling.

and Monkey found the best spot and concurred this is where we gonna lay our bums and munch and nom our food. Our packed McDonald's cardboard food. Yes sometimes we do have McDonald's and the menu is of coz different from those back home in Malaysia.

I lurve this tree too....sturdy and majestic. So at peace :)))))))

JS shook his head in digust coz I was eating cardboard food. McD fries. Hahahaha. I know, life is too short to be waste calories on fast food, but sometimes I do crave for it every now and then.

I'm such a slave to McDonald's that I got this bag as well in Paris. Moschino Runway Capsule collection which was a massive sold out worldwide. Again I was a lucky gal :)))) Nope I didn't get the rest of the items. It's just only this. I'm a very single minded person.

After our high calories lunch, we walked a few kilometres around here, enjoying the breeze and view.

JS was all bundled up, he didn't wanna get sick during vacation. 

The Palais des Papes from the other side of the River, with the attached broken Pont d'Avignon
Haaahhhh wat a beautiful and serene view....wished I could sleep here all afternoon but we gotta burn some calories and strolled around.

Do u have any picnic stories to share?

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