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Villa Florentine, Lyon

We arrived at our accommodation after lunch, and it was such a sight to behold. The entire city of Lyon is just under our nose. Hahahahaha.....just saying :))))

Monkey was so delighted with the view and sat there I think for an hour? Champagne and macarons was served as the check-ins procedure was underway.

JS: "Monkey....u like????"
I think more like I m asking him coz when it comes to logistics and accommodations, it's Monkey's department. And historical datas, bookings of museum tickets, places to go and see....I guess everything in the itinerary is IN my department except for Dinners.

JS managed all dinner bookings bcoz he's such a fussy diner. It must have certain decent wine list, if possible with some forms of stars. Most of all it shouldn't be a restaurant that specialised only on poultry for he doesn't consume anything with a beak, 2 feets and with lots of feathers. He must have been one in his previous life. :P

So Monkey threw back the question at him...."Mr. JS, do u like our hotel?"
JS: "Yes yes already, and we haven't even seen our room yet!!"

Villa Florentine is a 17th century old convent that sits on part of the UNESCO site of the Lyon City. You could enjoy the breathtaking view of the entire city with the cathedral down below...can u see it? and of coz the main attraction of Lyon - the Basilica which was situated on top of this hill. Just walking distance away.

Some of the pics taken from the Relais and Chateaux website.

Yes it's part of the prestigious Relaix & Chateaux programme. This programme established since 1954 has got really strict admissions to be a member. Each property must have distinctive and distinguished feature from cuisine/restaurant to their accommodation and characters. Namely the 5C

In French, they are Caractere, Calme, Courtoisie, Charme and finally Cuisine. A property must have all the 5Cs to be admitted into this programme. Hence most of the hotels are individually owned and not chained hotels, located in a castle *for its character* or in a really old historical building.

Soon after checking into our suite and leaving the hobbits behind, we were impatient to discover the charm of Lyon. With a lil map and some walking instructions, we headed down these steep flights of stairs down into the Vieux Lyon, the renaissance quarter of the city. In fact it is the most extensive renaissance city in the entire of Europe.

Let's not bore u with history, I will blog about Vieux Lyon another back to the hotel.

JS: "Monkey watcha looking at?"

I am so short and tiny...anyway I was peeping at our suite located somewhere here below on the slope of this hill - Fourviere. Behind me is the entrance of this property, so unassuming. It's actually the Apse of an old cathedral with picture of Mother Mary on the inside of the lobby.

and we watched many beautiful sunrises and sunsets :))))))))

You see all these buildings were part of the UNESCO sites hence it can't be modified nor destroyed. Not even renovation. Hence when Villa Florentine was turned into a hotel, a lot of consideration and application were needed to adhere to the UNESCO guidelines.

There's a beautiful and quiet park and from here, the view is truly spectacular.

Our suite is situated in another building, connected via this long corridor. The building where we stayed was even older, it's 15th century old. Along this corridor were paintings and tapestry acquired by the owner.

a real fire place!!!!

So quaint with lots of natural lights and views of the garden or the old city
"Bonjour Madame!!!"
the breakfast area is at a patio overlooking the entire city. I could just feast on the view alone.

The famous Richard guy who seems to supply cheese and butter to restaurants in Lyon. Hehehehehe

Coffee and a basket of pastries. The breads here are so yumssssssss!!!!

Yogurt with honey roasted nuts and our room key - 23

figs, cranberries, grapes, pineapples and passion fruits. I think I was quite done after the bread and fruits.

Then our hot plate arrived....grilled homemade pork sausage. They were so tiny and cute but powerpacked with flavours and texture.

and my fresh farm eggs with some bacons.

after breakfast I felt like goin back to sleep, the bed was so comfy, and the room has got a stunning view with a private garden.

JS: "Monkey get dressed!!! we are goin out!! no more zzzzzzzz."
Monkey sighed....okie looks like the bed gotta wait for tonite. Hehehehe

oh why...hello hello!!!!

So if you are planning your visit to Lyon, do consider Villa Florentine. Excellent 7 stars service from its entire team, from the doorman to the concierge to the restaurants.
*read bout our dinner at their restaurant here*

Villa Florentine,
25 Montee Saint-Barthelemy,
69005 Lyon,
Tel: +33 4 7256 5656

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