Thursday, September 29, 2011

Picnic at Rawai Beach

Thai Monks in saffron robe
I was curious looking at them

They can't be fishermen rite?
later JS explained that they are goin back to their temple located in one of those island there
There were so may islands in view fr where we sat....and I was trying hard to locate Phi Phi Island

The water was so clean and clear 
it was a lazy Sunday afternoon and we took a 30 mins drive along the weastern coastal road to arrive at this beach - Rawai Beach at the southern east of Phuket
it was a scenic journey as our car was on top of the cliff driving through winding road with the sea down below

Mission: picnic lunch :P
yeah u know we won't take all the trouble if there's nothing for us?

JS has got sharp memory, he could still locate the exact vendor
and halted the drive to stop there

everything is prepared for here....u just bring ur own huge stomachs and mouths :P
from umbrellas to floor mats, cold coconut drinks, amazing BBQ seafood of ur choice

and mother nature also provided the beautiful scenery
the wind and sun~~~~~~

There's NO TOURISTS here only locals
dunno why :P
I find it so splendid to have picnic this way
couldn't help it but my head was turned the other way all the time
must b enjoying the view hehehehehe

this view!!!!
and all the activities of boats coming back and those that were goin out

before long, Monkey asked the usual question...
where's my FOOD??? I'm hungry~~~~~

OK the ppl here dun speak a word of english but thank god the menu is in Thai and English
anyway u can alwiz go to their shop and choose which fresh produce u want them to BBQ
they even have BBQ pork
I heard it is so poisonous that u will die on the spot but it's a delicacy here
Thanks but no THANKS!!!!!

we came all the way along the coast for this DISH

yeah it is the papaya salad but this one was the most awesome one in Phuket
it has got papaya, mango, long beans, cherry tomatoes, dried shrimps, loads and loads of chilis
its taste is so yummy and balance...
despite the spiciness they managed to cool it down with palm sugar so it is also sweet
and equal amount of fish sauce to give it tat fishy saltiness

I was like fanning my lips as I ate this

this dish is served with "ulam"
and I finished em all
the long beans were so sweet and crunchy on its own and they were RAW

but the highlight of this dish is CRABS
didn't u see crab inside????
FRESH RAW Blue Swimmer crab

they were still alive when we ordered it
it was chopped to bite sizes

its meat was SO SO SUPER SWEET and firm
just need to suck em outta its shell
very very good so this was the STAR DISH and we dun mind coming all the way for this :P

next was the famous fried Thai thin small kuey teow
here they eat the flat big ones and also the small ones
the small ones are dried kuey teow sold in packs
somehow they managed to retain that al dente-ness 
*the chewy bite on the noodle*

Charcoal grilled really really fresh Saba fish
the fish was pretty oily on the inside *fish oil* it was so moist
as we were diggin in....spurts of fish oil came out.....hmmmmm yum yum
such a small fish has got so much of fish wonder Japanese lurve em!!!
so good no sauce were needed for this...

stir fried mixed vegetables
the seafood was so fresh it's a bit of indulgence to fry em this way
in other words...too goo to be stir fried like this

my other favourite was this Fried Clams with Thai Sweet Basil and Nam Prik sauce
u can buy cans of nam prik sauce in supermarket
but in Thailand they sold them fresh....with different condiments innit....
with lemongrass or dried shrimps or dried chilis or desiccated coconut etc etc

lookin at the meat of the clams, u can tell it's really really fresh
coz it's round and fat

nope these are not "otak-otak"
it's a type of dessert made from glutinous rice flour, sago, coconut milk, desiccated coconut and palm sugar
they still use the "lidi" made from coconut trees to poke and seal the ends
most places uses staple these days :P

wrapped in coconut leaves then Char-grilled till it's crispy on the outside
so it's sweet and fragrant with chewy crispy bits~~~~
super yum tat I ate so much 

yes u eat em this way
yum yum yum!!!!!!!!

still bz eating...
we should have sat at a BIGGER table lar...
there weren't enuff space that we had to put a lot of things on the floor mat

great yummy kick ass food and beautiful scenery
swaying trees and the sea breeze....I wished there's a hammock here so I can ZZZzzzzziiiinkkkkkkk after I Burped :P

nice shot by JS!!!!
so while I was still BZ chomp-chomping he got himself bz with all the photography activities

after 1.5 hours and Berr zzzzz in his green pouch

JS: "So u happy??? satisfied??? u done????"

heheheheheh I mopped every plate clean and this wasn't the end coz I was still eating my dessert, my vege and my coconut!!!!! *the 2nd coconut for the meal*

yes tat lil shop there serves all these yummy food
with the man in red shirt under a huge umbrella BBQ food
there's also peddlers/vendors selling all sorts of desserts 
from homemade ice creams to jelly, crepes, waffles etc 
if only our stomachs could accommodate more :P

Nong-Pim Seafood
along Rawai Beach,

Price wise....very very affordable
our meal was RM 60

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