Monday, September 26, 2011

Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island

It was an excursion day and Monkey was so so so eppy
coz exploring unchartered territory, goin on adventure, spells FUN
tee hee hee

Phang Nga Bay is part of the Phang Nga National Park gazetted by the Royal Decree
it lies on a bay between Straits of Malacca and Andaman Sea
prollie I won't even call it Straits of Malacca coz it is just at the bay
so u'll need to cross the bridge from Phuket to the mainland to get here

the journey from Patong to Phang Nga bay is about 1.5 hours
and we left after breakfast at 7.30am 

it was quite a pleasant and scenic drive
but of coz we were just lazing around at the back of the car while our driver was cruising
and JS made Monkey popped another Duramin just in case she gets car sick

later we hopped onto a long tail boat and head off to the sea!!!!

WOW so beautiful!!!!
worth waking up early for this :P

there were so many limestone cliffs everywhere popping in the middle of the sea
and there's no beach so u can't really disembark

it's everywhere!!!!!
our eyes were feasting on the beautiful scenery
even our driver whom we insisted to tag along with us was busy snapping pics with his mobile
*it was his first time here even though he was raised up in Phuket*
**Ppl here are very poor so going on vacation is the last thing on their mind**
***so JS had treated our driver a short excursion cum holiday kekekekkekekeke***

our destination James Bond Island
such a beautiful pic composed by JS

the original name of this island is called Khao Phing Kan
but after James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun was shot here, it has got a new name hahahahaha

there's a small beach on the other side of James Bond Island and we disembarked
I was wondering why were we dropped here and not directly in front of the James Bond beach
later I found out why :))))))
more adventurous to walk and climb to get over to the other side of the island :P

right after we got down I ran to this huge ass Stalactite
can I touch it???? since this is a National Park?
there were water dropping at the end

Stalactite and Stalagmite only formed under certain pH condition, only on limestone
later that day, there were so many of them to be seen around plus my body were drenched in fresh cool water dripping on us

as we were climbing the steep rocks we saw this beautiful view
the islet is about 20 metres = 66 ft
so much smaller than I've envisioned

One for his album collection
Berr was here album
heee heee heeeee
the moment I snapped this I can feel JS was rolling his eyes and our driver was O_O
so old still carry a soft toy around :P

James Bond Island has got 2 beaches facing each other
this was the back beach view

in between the 2 beaches, there's this HUGE slab of rocks
it was so perfectly "cut" that it looks like man-made
this was mother nature's job :)))))

Monkey & Berr
then we spent an incredible amount of time enjoying the quietness and view

yeah why so quiet???
coz we were early....
later there were troops and contingents of Ohaiyo Gozaimasu...... Anyo Haseyo
really aiyoooo!!!
so if u really wanna enjoy it do come early

for a while this place was ours until more long tail boats came
and we hopped off to another island :)))

and we off to a CANOE!!!!!!!!
but I looked skeptical in this pic
coz it was an inflated type of canoe and was rather wobbly
we just need to balance ourselves and not be TOO excited hahahahahaha

nice I can even stretch my legs here!!!!
each canoe can seat 2 person and it comes with a peddler cum guide
we were so lucky to have gotten a wonderful guide coz he brought us to all the lil corners and treasures

WAT???? we r goin to bang the limestone wall !!!!!!!!!

Guide: "No we are goin in....u want adventure????"
"WATTTT? NO NO it's too close!!!! we gonna hit it.....AAAHHHHHHHHHH"

oh no we gonna hit it....
mayday mayday mayday!!!!!

it was so LOW we had to bend down
either way u sleep and lie low on ur canoe just like how our Guide did

Wahhhh our Guide's body was so flexible huh????


we alwiz see lights at the end of the tunnel don't we?
to me I saw paradise :))))

was so excited I almost hopped outta canoe
JS had to calm me down otherwise all of us are goin down the water with the wobbling canoe

one picture for remembrance
of our mayday adventure hahahahahhaha
guess the Guide was busy slapping his forehead at this city slicker Monkey

after spending a considerable good amount of time inside it's time to head out
u really have no idea how small was the opening
as we were heading out there was traffic jam!!!!!

we had to wait for all the Ohaiyo Gozaimasu and Hanseyo to pass through
all the tourists who came in were exclaiming in excitement
hahahah so I wasn't the only city slicker here :P
I bet event on my 2nd visit I will still be this excited...must had been high on sugar :P

ouch!!! so low~~~~~
I almost bang meself.....

then we were goin through more and more of these
criss crossing in between these islands

later our Guide dropped us at this private beach with nobody
my worry was hopping back into the canoe
coz the 3 stooges need to do some balancing act before it can move

they were professionals and not even once we have to wet ourselves
u just need to lay ur big asses unto the canoe and relax
he will push it out to the sea and peddle em back to the sea

Berr was here!!!
look at the limestone formation!!! it's an elephant trunk!!!!
and again the Guide was luffin at Berr when he was popped outta the safe bag

the Guide also brought us to the mangroves area 
and insisted that Monkey must climb trees and so I did :P
again my concern was to balance myself back to the wobbly canoe
else all of us including Berr INTO THE WATER!!!!

Sleepy Eyes JS
he brought his Red Bull shirt at Patong beach and there's 30 men out there wearing the same shirt
hahahahahhahaa uniform :P
please negotiate whenever u make purchases and that includes buying fruits
he got the above for RM 15 *opening price RM 30*

I wanna do this all the time....
lie down here and let it float to nowhere
feel the water at the tip of my toes
the sea breeze and overcast sky
even Berr lurves it here *I know he does!!!!*
Thank u JS for bringing us here!!!
I had a whale of a time!!!!!


js said...

The piece of rock that stick out of the sea is call "kao Tah poo" which simply translates to "crab eye hill" and if you hv seen a crab up close and personal, you can appreciate why it has this name :)))

Chasing Food Dreams said...

So fabulous pics... I wanna go to Phuket now!!! XD

CHER-RY said...

Hahahaha yes we missed Phuket so much already kekekekeke.....

Anonymous said... niceeeeee......
nice ppl, nice scenery, nice photos!!

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: Yes the scenery is really spectacular....we had a great time out there on the canoe as well :))