Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Savoey Seafood Restaurant, Phuket

Live Crabs!!!
Oh Monkey...if I were u, I won't go anywhere those ferocious crustaceans with pinchers
unless they were cooked and served on a plate :P

Savoey is the most famous seafood restaurant in Patong
incepted in 1980 they've came a long way
from a tiny seafood restaurant by the each with 50 tables and 50 staffs
now they have over 215 staffs and a 5 star hotel plus a beautiful high end cafe

Live Lobsters
everything is alive here!!!!
we can't decide wat to eat coz we WANT EVERYTHING!!!!!!

WOW!!!! all the Humongous prawns on display for customers to select
u'll be given a huge basket and make ur own selection
these prawns are RED in color by nature
so beautiful but I think they'll be more beautiful on my plate :D:D:D

my favourite Flounder fish!!!!!!!
the fish has corked eyes and its face is only on one side
so many sea creatures to eat and there's just the two of us only

so clean and fresh!!!!
there's also mussels and clams
decision decision decisionsssss

"Can we have a small portion of everything??? heeeeee puuhhhleeaaasseeee????"
JS >.<

and so we r having everything in small portion kekekkee
even the lobster has to be extra small hehehehehehe

Savoey is pronounced as "Sze Wei" by the locals
but I like to do it the french way hehehehehehehhe

Later at the bar........
Mixologist asked Monkey: "Where u eat tonite?"
Monkey: "Savoey!!!"
Mixologist: "Szeeeee Wei"
Monkey: "Savoey!!!!!" *told ya I'm stubborn*
Mixologist: "Is Sze Wei, mai SaVoey"

Monkey ^_^

watermelon and coconut slurpee
basically it is fruit juices and its pulp/flesh with slushy ice
aawwwww most yummiest thing in Phuket apart fr fresh coconut and all the cheap alcos, so cheap I can drown in them

stir fried fresh clams with tonnes of chilis and fresh basils leaves
the flesh were so round and thick and juicy and sweet!!!!
I can have these every single day and we did :P

waiting for JS to snap pic is quite torturing~~~~~~
maybe next time we can order 2 for me to whack 1st
the other one for u to be styled and photographed
coz usually JS will style his food first....every single clams, chilis and basil were coordinated in a way so u readers will drool even more kekkekekekekekeke

oh my oh my~~~~
spicy Prawns cooked with green peppercorn chili paste
super spicy yo!!!! but it has got some coconut milk to mellow down the palate
and really tiny beads liked green peppercorn that elevate ur tastebud whenever u bite into em
torturing but yummy....the key is dun drink water....just continue eating and crying!!!!

wat is Thailand if u dun have a bowl of hot bubbling Shark Fins Soup with freshly peeled crabs meat
sorry I'm still a shark fins consumer :P
really really good and CHEAP!!!!!

simple Char-grilled mini lobster
yeah JS chose the most mini size of the lot
but still so HUGE!!!!!

Mini lobster has got so much roes in its head
yum yum~~~~~~~~~
creamie and sweet 
yes dun remind me bout cholesterol level

Pak Bung Fai Daeng
Crunchy fried morning glory leaves with garlic, bean paste and chilis
it was fried less than 30 seconds to retain its texture
Thai's morning glory aka Kang Kung has got smaller stems
this type they called it the Chinese Version
whereby the Thai version has got long round thick green stems
we lurve both :D:D:D

Busy eating.....
Mai Kacau!!!!!
the face and lips were red from all the chili fumes~~~~~

even JS's face was so pink

Kao Niao Mak Meung
sticky rice mango with coconut milk
heaven~~~~ shiok~~~~~
i finished all the sticky rice despite the huge bowl of rice I had during dinner
Amazing huh????

Chefs cooking among the bushes of Kangkong!!!!
when they stir fry the kangkong it's such a sight to see
they will scream Fai Daeng!!! means FIRE!!!
and the fire will just shoot up a few feet high up
think it burnt his eyebrow too :P
and we spectators can feel the heat fr the sidewalk

100 Baht is RM 10
so can u imagine per 100gm of prawns is only ten bucks? and that includes cooking em your choice!!!
those huge ass prawns!!!!
our money can really stretch very far in Thailand
and alcos are cheap too
a bottle of beer is only RM 3.50
I almost showered in them every nite :P
and we are speaking of prices at the busiest main tourist beach in the whole of Phuket

highly recommended and u musn't miss Savoey when u r in Phuket
opens daily and do come early to avoid the crowd or u'll have to queue

Savoey Seafood Restaurant
136 Taweewong Road,
Patong Beach, Phuket,
83150 Thailand.
Tel: +66 076 341 171


S-kee said...

ooo the prawn looks really good!!! makes me wan to go phuket to eat!

I think u need to bring neelee & I to phuket la.. the last time we wen i had horrible food or none-good food :P

CHER-RY said...

Mee Mee: Hey I have a great idea!!! let's plan for a ROOMIE TRIP!!!!!! I'll send email to everyone :)))

Unknown said...

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