Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The postponed Mountain Range expedition

A cuppa every morning is a must have......but the Leica M Series is not. There are things in life to be attained only when one knows how to appreciate it. I don't really deserve such exquisite gadget, though JS bought the Leica X Vario for Monkey.....she struggled with it. He thought that he can bring M to play and me tagging along with X.

The past few months had been great and awesome but we did struggled with time management in terms of travels. Too many places, too little time, too much of work commitment. Sometimes the more u achieved, the more u want....we alwiz hunger for more. It's endless. When will this stop?

and so we missed exotic Nepal last month due to time management and weather conditions....I hate to be bound by the weather but my dad doesn't own the it's totally beyond our control. Nepal is such a beautiful place for photography but also a really sad place for some personal reflection. It just makes u so humble.

and since we gonna be at the mountain range....we planned to charter a private plane to fly across the Himalayas......just to see Mount Everest. Yeah since we can't climb it, we can just fly pass it. Hahahaha. But Mr. Pilot referred to the higher above - the Sky and the Weather. That period of the year, clouds are just too low and he can't guarantee us that we CAN SEE Everest.

Tiger Nest at Bhutan was the next destination.....since it's just next to Nepal.
3 friends just got back and raved about it. Oh they don't have on their instagram actually made me felt I was there with them!!!! hahahahaha.

When we mentioned we are planning Bhutan, friends speculate that we are gonna hold our wedding there???? how rumours can spread.....sorry we are not Tony Leung or Carina Lau. Sorry again to disappoint but no wedding bells anytime soon.

All the mountain range kinda holidays were postponed/cancelled to our dismay...thank you Mr. would someone just tell me how do I buy this company so I can control it?

the beautiful Huvafen Fushi Resort

and bcoz Mountain Range holiday can't work, JS proposed Maldives...
He's a mountain goat
I'm a beach Monkey
how sweet of him to thought of some beach/island holiday. *but first priority is alwiz Mountain* hahahaha.

again August is such a terrible month to travel in Asia.
so many travel plans were cancelled/postponed/re-arranged etc. But we are thankful and grateful of wat we have till now. Health :))))

Health is Wealth folks
without it....even if u own Mr. Weather, u ain't go anywhere.


licheng said...

I sooooo want to go to Bhutan too! Such a unique nation. And they measure Gross National Happiness and not GDP. Just a simple life over there. funny about wedding rumors :P

Chasing Food Dreams said...

yep, Health is Wealth!!

so is Maldive on??? :)

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: U coming our way this December? u must do cuti cuti Asia soon. Guess u would have covered the entire America by now?

Food Dreams: Maldives is on....but next year hahahahaha...need time to save more money.