Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday Steamboat

It was meant to be a lazy Sunday with easy peasy brunch.....but I didn't know I ended up waking up early cleaning all the vegetables and chopping them to bite sizes :P

Sexay Back Maggie oso thought it's gonna be a simple brunch but she had to wake up at 4am to boil the stock for the steamboat's base soup. I really salute u la woman!!!! Next time please boil the nite before hahahahahaha. Nevertheless the hardwork paid off bcoz the soup was so extremely yummy!!!

While Beautiful CS oso had to wake up early and go to TTDI market at 8.30am....on a Sunday. -_-" to procure all the fishballs, meatballs, dumplings.

and her favourite Sliced Pork....

preparing steamboat is really hell lot of work right?
while our dearie hostess Minnie Winnie prepared her bachelorette pad for us....we had been reminding her about chopsticks...coz this woman doesn't eat with chopsticks...so she took the trouble to get some. and FORGOT soup spoon!!!!
*Smacks forehead*
we oso failed to remind her about soup spoon...how do we know that her house doesn't have one!!!!

Monkey oso prepared, cleaned, cut, spin dry these vege with my salad spinner...from home to the amusement of JS....he was giggling reading his book at the our dry kitchen counter, enjoying his coffee while Monkey was washing, spinning and dashing from left to right.

and bcoz I was running out of time, the japanese toufu and shiitake mushrooms were brought to Minnie Winnie's home to be cleaned. Phewwwww.......they were surprised that I brought my own tray too...yeah I know her home concept is minimalist right down to utensils.

Sexay Back Maggie oso prepared cut chilis. The yummy sambal belacan chili paste was bought somewhere from Cheras by a friend of mine. Just squeeze some lime and yummmssss. Tangy and spicy.

after all the preparation from home...we laid everything on the table. There's a lot of food for the four of us!!!! So we settled down at our respective comfy seats and picked up our Spanking NEW chopsticks.......and.......was halted by the hostess.

Minnie Winnie said it's photoshoot time

Beautiful CS: "Can we eat now???"
Minnie Winnie: "Noooooo....not yet....I need more angles...or maybe u can move aside, I need better lightings."

Then we picked our chopsticks in lightning speed coz tummies were rumbling....
but again we were stopped...*hand brake sound*

Minnie Winnie: "Say your prayers first!!!!"
And All of us 3 obediently unisonly said our prayers.....

Thank you to Beautiful CS for waking up so early to go to the market to procure the best-est sliced pork in town and the sui kow....
Thank you to Sexay Back Maggie for waking up at 4am to prepare the chicken & pork stock from scratch....and for mopping the floor bcoz u spilled one big packet of the soup. -_-"
Thank you to Monkey for diligently cleaning all the vege so we are free from bacteria and not to mention the beautiful desserts after this....
Thank you to Minnie Winnie for providing a venue for us to crash....and yes the Spanking New Chopsticks...

CAN WE EAT NOW?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

it's hot hot hot!!!!!! fuuuuuuuuuuuu
since someone has to go to church after this....we didn't have alcos...just 7Up with slices of lemon. We were so sober....and obedient.... :P

oh yea....Beautiful CS also provided the fried shallots...

Monkey: "why ur shallots so dry one??? no oil geh???"
Beautiful CS -_-
Sexay Back Maggie: "It's store-bought darling, not homemade!!! kekekekekekekekek"


We had so many rounds filling up the pot endlessly with food and more food
we lurve steamboat~~~~~~~~~

Sexay Back Maggie said no more food, coz she's falling outta her clothes :P
so where do u think she got her name Sexay Back??? Monkey got this top for her birthday :)))

This is wat we call "muka gossips" or gossips face
no...not me..I was innocently drinking some carbonated drinks....it's the other two. Good job to Minnie Winnie for capturing this priceless moment.

Since Minnie Winnie took so much efforts to snap pics of all the desserts, I better post them up. 90% of the pics here were stolen from Minnie Winnie.

Monkey reserved some of the Cream Tarts from the Burger Partay for the ladies....and assemble it on the spot for them. I think the tarts looked so UK flag hahahahaha. While the theme was "chinese", Monkey double boiled some pear with red dates and rock sugar. I didn't have the time to transfer the pear to a "lighter" contained and just took it as it is....from the cast iron pot it was boiled in.

After all the sugar rush, the whale, the hippo, the snake and the Monkey were stranded on the couch for hours...unable to breathe...suffocated with food.....now Life is good :))))))))

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