Thursday, September 19, 2013

MId Autumn Festival 2013

Precisely last year a day before Mid Autumn Festival, we did an event to launch a timepiece that was related to the Moon. It wasn't intended this way but everything just fell into place.....

The venue with a Circular Shape feature, the Festival, the mood and feel. The gifts of gourmet mooncakes for each and every guests. The Menu was specially created for it. Oh believe me, I gave the Chef a really tough time. He hated me deeply.....

The Star which was the product to be launched itself was so befitting.....a patented movement timepiece that not only tells time, but moon phase and date with its dial spinning on its disc....presenting a different dial each new day as the "date" jumps to the next day. Didn't I tell you that timepieces has got such intricate beauty and technicalities?

No....I don't have one....already wearing something similar and I can't be buying timepieces like this. Not even from the company I worked for.

It was just a very simple setup with 60 guests. Sometimes simplicity is the key. Looking back, I am seriously running out of ideas, venues and creativity to host dinner and events. Perhaps I should just engage and hire an event company to run their creative juice for me?

Last Thursday we hosted another private dinner for all our tan sri datin sri guests at the beautiful Orchid Conservatory at Majestic KL

We transformed the glass house into a dinner venue. Food proved to be a challenging one. I guess by now most of the Chefs in town really do wanna strangle me with their Butcher Strings *the one used to tie meat* or just end my life with their knives b4 exploding me in their industrial oven.

the only time I was happy with food served at my events was at Sage.

I am seriously running out of creative juices...
it's time to reflect and decide where to head on next. In the first place I wasn't trained/educated to do wat I'm doin now. Life is such an irony. But Passion will lead u to where u want to be.

So folks, if ur children do have dreams, let them chase it......bearing in mind to bring them down to Earth ocassionally. Because life isn't always about green green grass with bushes of daisies, flowers, singing birds and butterflies. Or they'll end up like Lucy *click here to find more about Lucy*
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Folks!!!
enjoy all the goodies and fun with candles & lanterns...hehehehe
I'll be busy sorting out my life and searching for inspirations from Full Moon.


LianneK said...

Another lovely post as always. Well, I enjoy reading all your personal post and your work related post because your creativity inspires me. I am sure there are lots of idea you could bring to work from your travel experiences too or maybe its a sign that you need another holiday :-) Btw, is dining in the dark a workable concept in KL? What about changing launch venue to unexpected places instead of same-old? Like on a yacht, or do an equestrian day out with the datins complete with picnic, do tie ups with some latest ÌT`car then do a treasure hunt which ends in a wonderful out of towwn but unexpected restaurant? Dining in the Sky! I lurve the idea but not sure if KL has it now but again the datins might faint lol ...

CHER-RY said...

Hello!!! how have u been? :)) Thank you for dropping by and your continuous support :))

Yes there's a lot to be done when one is not bound by red tapes/guidelines/budget/$$$$$$/restrictions. Afterall we don't own the company hahahahahaha.

Thanks again for ur excellent suggestions :))