Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nasi Biryani test run

I had trouble labeling this post....should it be Indian food or Malaysian food? Nasi Biryani originates from errrrr......errrrr....India??? Facts had it that it is popular in South Asia but was invented by the Muslims during the Mughal empire. So don't expect to find a Pork Biryani unless u wanna be creative, then I can name it the chinese style Biryani

The Indians then brought this dish to this part of the world and Biryani stalls have been mushrooming ever since. There's a few variations today, from Nasi Beriani Gam to Nasi Beriani Dum to Nasi Minyak to Nasi Bukhara. Some are served with acar or a meat curry separately. And in Indonesia it's called Nasi Kebuli. All has got their different cooking method/style, ingredients etc.

Knowing JS he would have done research right down to which grain to use for his experiment. Methodologies were analysed and compared in advance so he could get it right. Frustration was he couldn't find some of its ingredients....errrr u wanna make friends with my Indian buddies??? I am sure they can procure those fragrant flowers/spices for u.

anyway there are like a gazillion type of Biryani in this world....ranging from:
different types of meat

some has got raisins and sultanas????? aiyyayayayaya they should be in cookies not rice
rose water
seafood biryani????

JS alwiz said, if u wanna do something new, learn the basic and get the fundamental right. Oh yes he stresses it so much that I've applied it into my baking. Eg: creaming the butter first or later before adding the sugar makes a hell lot of difference on my cookies. He called it applied science.....hahahahaha. I call it mafan-ness that gave me outstanding results.

so JS made the Hyderabad Biryani
under this category there's already 2 different types...the "Kachchi gosht ku biryani" and "Pakki Biryani". He made the later which required cooking the meat first before layering them in between rice and bake with the vessel sealed in dough....but I didn't see him sealing anything except with aluminium foil...plus he didn't use charcoal nor start any fire :P

short cut short cut...guess that's too much of work.
Just look at the grainssssssss *eyes blinking, stomach rumbling again*

when he scooped them onto my plate, I was so so so amazed....
waaaahhh, it's been quite a while since I have this type of Biryani, cooked in layers, with the rice soaking up some of the curries but most of all its flavours...and yet..the grains remained so firm and yummy

He was beaming with pride....
this was only a test run 1.0....as he made more notes to further improve on temperature, cooking time and techniques...

JS: " I hope the guinea pigs who are coming this weekend will like this main dish"
"nvm baby, if they don't I'll whack the whole tray for u."

JS -_-"
stared at my rounded hippo tummy
Monkey: "heeeeeeeeeeeee ok ok I will resume running and tracking again"


js said...

When you add a "NASI" in front the dish automatically becomes Malaysian. It should simply be called "BIRYANI" or "BRIYANI" to reflect the true origin of this simple yet noble dish which is fit for the Maharajas!

CHER-RY said...

okie lor!!! Biryani lor!!! no nasi lor :P