Monday, September 02, 2013

Stadium Negara Restaurant, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Deep Fried Prawns with egg whites
really fresh prawns with crunchy meat, topped with fragrant fried curry leaves :))))

despite its name, Stadium Negara Restaurant isn't at stadium negara because it has been relocated here many many years ago. Now located right smack in the city, it's such a convenient place for dinner esp on weekdays. 2 weeks ago, Monkey was invited for this dinner with the gangsta gang.

The must have and seen on every table here is the Charcoal Steamboat
yes charcoal....which is very very old school but u hardly see this around. I don't know wat is the secret in charcoal fire that gives soup a different flavour and dimension. I guess it's the consistent heat that's gentle and yet very very very hot.

Hmmmm wat am I talking here :P
They have a few different types of soup to choose from. I guess these days, customers are spoiled with choices when it comes to dining. But in Malaysia it's not as severe as other countries where there's a menu for basic items like mineral water, butter and salt -_-" It was also then that I was proud to be Malaysian when they presented us Sarawak White Pepper at a 3 Michelin Starred restaurant in Paris. :P

wow....char-grilled Squid!!!
with nothing...but just soooo char-grilled. Secret is high heat, so that u don't have to grill the squids for too long. Otherwise it will be chewy but this wasn't the case. So so so yummy on its own.

Beautifully and perfectly grilled chicken wings
u must be wondering why are there so many "grilled" dishes...I guess the owner was pretty smart and found other means to utilise all the charcoal :))))))))

all of us confirmed this is way better than WAW - the other famous grilled chicken wings in town. Because it is not sweet, and very very juicy. Yummmssss~~~~~

Sweet Devil Rachel, Sexay Back Maggie, Prestigious Mein......the entire table was decked in black like some dark secret society. Even the other patrons were throwing us suspicious looks. What to friends have got really gangsta face too :P

Only Monkey and B were in other forms of colors though I was in white with black polka dots. Oh well polka dots are adorable and so un-gangsta :))))))))

Why is it that when consuming steamboat/hotpot, one must stand up?
My asses were glued to the red plastic chair the entire nite, yes I am that lazy.

Will definitely return for a fuss free casual weekday dinner coz it's so near to my office. I must say the clientele here are pretty expat-ish....only our table was speaking manglish.....80% Japanese *ohhh lots of eye candy*, 15% Whites *B said there's eye candy but whites are not my cuppa* and 5% us plus workers....hahahahaha, maybe those were foreign workers too :P.

Oh and this place is pork free so u can bring ur Muslim friends here too :))))))

Thank you to Prestigious Mein for bringing us here.

Stadium Negara Restaurant,
2 Persiaran Lidcol, Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre.
Tel: 603 2161 8557

PS: I'll recommend u to drive from the other end of Yap Kwan Seng - Tun Razak entrance instead, for ease of traffic bcoz the Public Bank entrance has got the suckiest traffic lights in town.


Anonymous said...

Charcoal steamboat reminds me of Cameron Highland ones.
That grilled chicken wings look so juicy and yummy! ;-)

CHER-RY said...

hahaha I never have steamboat in Cameron outside. Usually we eat at home in Cameron. >.<

Unknown said...

Is it HALAL?

CHER-RY said...

Hello Anis, There is no halal certification (bcoz they sell alcohols as well) but we saw many other Muslims customers here. :) so I guess it should be alrite?

Unknown said...

is it halal ? and did they serve pork ?

CHER-RY said...

Hello Afiq,

I am not sure if they are halal because there's alcohols but it's definitely 100% pork free because there were other Muslim customers enjoying their steam boat. :))

Unknown said...

for muslim, better elakkan

pork free bukan bermaksud halal, sebab kebarangkalian gunakan alkohol dalam makanan

di Malaysia ni jugak tak susah nak cari kedai halal

jadi, better elakkan dari rasa was-was & benda yg syubhah

daging yang terhasil dari benda haram, neraka la tempatnya

Unknown said...

Yes halal