Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Pak Klong Talat Flower Market, Bangkok

Flowers Fever!!!!
in all sorts of forms, colors, smell and price
anyway for a small bunch here is RM 1.50 and a bigger bunch RM 12

Last month, JS brought Monkey to a flower market in Bangkok
known as Pak Klong Talat
Pak = Mouth
Klong = Canal
Talat = Market

the above were colorful be offered to Buddha at the temple/home....such a pretty sight!!

these were kinda rejected roses for local market....the beautiful ones were gone..exported to some other countries...2nd class ones were gone to hotels and florist....and these are the 3rd class level roses? hehehehehe

more colorful rejected roses :P

English Rose wrapped with banana leaves
these can't be rejected?????

Birds of Paradise...merchandised according to shades of yellow to red.

Pak Klong Talat has a really long history in Bangkok...
this market has been in operation for more than 60 years but prior to that it has been in existence as a fish market during the King Rama 1's period. That's in the 18th century.

this market is open 24 hours a day but I guess the best time to visit would be at nite when the weather is much cooler. However if u wanna be part of the busy hustling bustling trading time would be early at dawn....yawnnn~~~~~~~

at first glance I thought these were frangipani......but these were beautiful pure white orchids

perched against some black metal fence, it looks like my garden in London
not that I have a home there :P
soon soon...akan datang....

I have no idea wat these were....its petals were thick and hard...
so so pretty!!!!!
after much investigation and "kepoh-ing" around...we found out this was from the ginger flower family.

camouflage amongst the birds of paradise...

this color is so stunning!!!! and it's only chrysanthemum

some not so stunning colors
it reminded me of some colourful jello

most of the traders here sell chrysanthemums in all sorts of colors.
Yellow and White are the popular colors here...not that there's so much of bereavement here in Thailand but these were offered to Buddha every single day.

the bushy type chrysanthemum used to make flowers garlands

sold in all sorts of format...
garlands, packets, whole, with stalks, without etc
the strong smell of chrysanthemum was just so over-whelming as we walked past this section

beautiful fresh colorful orchids for 35 Baht = RM 3.50 per bunch

Carnations mania!!!!

I think this market never sleeps....everyone was busy bee here...
sorting flowers, preparing flowers arrangements, packing them, trimming the unwanted leaves/stalks, de-stemming flowers, watering them,
just too much of activities that they don't really give much attention to u :P
unless u are buying.......hahahahaha

Intense stargazer lilies.....intense coz the smell is intoxicating and I lurve them at home...esp at my toilets...abahahahahahaha. It's just natural fragrant!!!

another type of lilies
never seen this before..
Lotus flowers in white and pink
they folded the bottom petals to present them this way

Lotus seeds/pods???

there's a lot of petals on the road!!!!
those really really unwanted rejected flowers were presented in small posies like this. It's basically a mixed and match watever that's left

I don't think it even qualify to be rejected.....but if u look closely...its petals were no longer that beautiful. They really do know how to re-create to make money.

Flowers for prayers....from garlands to table pagoda
Thais are really obsessed with flowers...speaking of that, we flew Thai Airways and were offered orchids.....which I absent minded-ly left it on my seat :P

lil Boy looked so's weekdays...watcha doin working here?
As JS was snapping his pic, boy's mommy yelled at him to smile at the camera
lil Boy shouldn't be's past bedtime, he should be in bed.

Life in Bangkok is tough, too many ppl, too competitive....
hence u won't see ANY foreign workers in the food/service industry. They are all unlike our country where we relied heavily on.

this market is about 1.5km long on both side of the road situated along Chak Pet Road near to the Memorial Bridge. Flowers are delivered from around Thailand via road and river, some from as far as Chiang Mai. Yes 100% local flowers :)))))))

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Chasing Food Dreams said...

what a post, I have never seen so many flowers at one go... especially love the one with Bird of Paradise...

CHER-RY said...

hahahahahah really flower fever!!!!