Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Zoccai ring with 6.2 faceted Amethyst in 18kt rose gold with diamonds around it
aaAAAaaa *drools*

I've been shopping for my birthday gift
and I'm still SHOPPING FOR IT!!!!
GAH I can't make up my mind

Zoccai was founded in Venice, Italy back in 1839 come I was not introduced to this brand when I was in Venice 3 years back?
I would have ta-pau-ed the whole shop if my credit card can stand it

every year they have an exhibition at Baselworld, Switzerland - the world largest watch and jewelry fair, which I dun get time to walk around *even thought I've attended it 5x!!!*
bcoz I'm just too bogged down with my own brand

unlike some Fatty woman with BIG HAIR and her Hermes Croco Birkin going around Baselworld shopping for watches and jewelries with the Rakyat's money
I see her every year in Baselworld *pui!!!*
Anyway let's talk bout happier things like diamonds, gold and precious stones
I can't really decide between the two
but of coz this 4.2 carat of Rose Quartz is more expensive than the earlier one bcoz of the weight of the gold and the number of diamonds

anyway Rose quartz and amethyst are semi-precious stone
my birth stone is actually emerald
but it's so auntie looking
maybe when I turned 40 I'll fall in love with it :P
There's a preview today!!!!! for Carlo Barberis!!!

you can purchase Zoccai jewelries from La Prendo
my favourite place to shop for bags, shoes, accessories - esp when I dun travel
and trust me La Prendo is POISON
I never leave its shop empty handed :P

So if you happen to be in Singapore please do drop by at their shops either in Fullerton or Dempsey
the one in Fullerton specialized only on Jewelries
for handbags and other leather goods, head down to Dempsey Hill

else if you hands are very very itchy now...please log on here

lemme warn u first, if u do buy something from this website
it is entirely your own fault and not mine :))))))))))))))
yippeeeee another eppy day!!!!

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May Ng said...

Fatty woman with big hair and her Hermes Croco Birkin.. haha

* pui pui!! *

oh, I think Rose Quartz is beautiful, so bling, so glamorous! Such sweet color too. You gonna rock that :)