Sunday, June 17, 2012

Steve Madden

Cork wedges is a must have this summer
choosing a pair ain't easy when all brands were so creative esp this season, with displays shouting for attention
yeah not so much on the heights but of its candylicious colors, strap-py designs, colors on its wedges and the list go

from Paloma Barcelo to Christian Louboutin
there's bound to be one special pair for everyone

I guess when there's too many choices, it just clouds one's mind
so instead I chose a safe pair of patented nude wedges
at a relocation sale at Steve Madden boutique in Bangkok last month
who dun like sales???

If u are wondering, no...Malaysia doesn't have Steve Madden....period!!!!
one of the largest Fashion footwear in the states founded by Mr. Madden himself
*though entangled in a lot of stock manipulation and illegal money dumping, got jailed once..Mr. Madden is still one helluva designer*

Check out the website for more exciting wedges *compared to my boring pair*
and if u do click the "buy" button...pls tell urself, it's not Notti Monkey's fault that u r spending $$$$
it is entirely your own *tsk tsk....shakes head*


Cin said...

There is a Steve Madden store at KLCC

CHER-RY said...

Hello Cin, thank you for dropping by...yeah another friend just informed me this morning -_-

Guess I haven't been walking much in other floors of KLCC