Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life lately....

I've gone "dark" last week due to work
dark as in really disconnected fr the cyber world

all is well now,
u'll get back ur morning reads soon

weekend had been a hectic one,
also needed sometime *a lot of time* to re-charge my battery

how funny age does to everyone....
gone were the days where I can stay up late and still looked like a daisy the next morning
goodbye to energetic me, when I can work non-stop for the entire week without sleep
sayonara to my drinking session.....coz I can't drink and eat like I used to
and most of all my poor brain!!!!!
I can't absorb as fast as it used to......

my only regret now, not taking up my Masters Degree 4 years ago
when I was so passionate and determined *I even met up the professor for consultation* point living in regrets
or worry bout the future
always appreciate PRESENT
that's why it's called present = gift


May Ng said...

Cherry: Very well said :)

CHER-RY said...

Thanks May. You have a lovely week there :)