Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Walter Bauer Restaurant *One Michelin Star*, Vienna

Bauer is an unpretentious fine dining in Vienna specialising in Austrian cuisine
even its entrance was pretty modest but trust me, do not judge a book by its cover
*I've learnt that lesson hard all the time in life*

getting recommendations for restaurants in Vienna ain't easy
we pretty much have to do it ourselves coz not many of our friends been to this part of the world
thank goodness, we have one Sporean friend aka Alex C who recommended a few good places for us to explore

half the fun of goin to a restaurant in a foreign country is locating it
100% of the time we alwiz managed to find the restaurant but it was the journey through it that made us skeptical

well who would have thought that u need to walk through alleys and lanes full of graffitis
especially lonely ones like this?
but we didn't mind coz Vienna is extremely super SAFE
afterall it was placed at world No. 1 for having the best quality of life
so when u have such high standard in terms of quality everything matters

the restaurant is very intimate and cozy with warm colors
as usual we were the only Asian in this place...
*we hardly find that many Asian tourists in this part of the world coz everyone just tend to flock to the more famous cities like Paris*
**yaaaayy!!! tickets to Paris booked for November :)))))**

I really like their digital clock
Es ist funf vor halb Neun = it will be 5 before half past eight
it's German
so it kept on changing digitally and it took us some time before we understand that this is a clock
:P sorry we are from Kampung Malaysia!!!!

JS was luffing and mocking me *as usual..*
with his "hihihihihihihihihihihi"
after 3 months, I kinda forgotten wat he was luffing at

sorry I am still catching up on my postings from Vienna and Budapest
>.< time flies man...and before I know it, August is here

Austrians lurve malty bread
good thing was there's not much hassle on bread selection
coz sometimes if u have the whole big bread cart wheeling out, u know that u have to kill some brain cells to make ur selections and endure the explaination by the waiter.
not that I loathed it, it's just that I don't like to pile on bread
but at the same time, I lurved to be pampered with choices and selections
told ya women are complicated beings :P
the amuse bouche was a very yummy high quality austrian sausage
served with a grand cru mustard
well dun forget we are in sausage-land

so pretty!!!
pan seared goose liver with lychee and onions with fried bread

foie gras alwiz have to go with something sweet to cut into those rich taste
I believe we need cholesterol pills to cut into all those ....er.....hehehehhee

it was very well done in terms of execution and flavours
there's some sweet reduction on top of the liver that's so syrupy and yummy

next we had the fillet of fish with parsnip and spinach
I kinda forgotten wat fish it was but it's really juicy and fat but the taste was so balanced with the green taste from the spinach puree at the bottom

JS's glass was so dirty
he has got dirty messy lips :P

these are really nice glasses
Vitis series from one and only Riedel
by the way do u know that Riedel is an Austrian company???
producer of high quality crystal wine glasses, and still owned and run by the same family for the past 250 years!!!!

we were so tempted to buy all the glassware but then how do u carry them home?
anyway out of desperation and vanity I bought really nice vases from an unknown brand
hand carried them all the way home to Malaysia only to have one of it broken
:"(((((( it's not something expensive - only Euro 9 but it's the design that u can't get back at home
will blog bout this broken vase soon :"(((

Pike Perch cheeks with bacon bits and leeks
Perch fish is a lake fish, the first time I had it was in Switzerland next to the lake where it was caught

this fish doesn't taste like ur usual lake fish found in Malaysia
it has a delicate sweetness innit

Laguiole knives
nothing less :)))

collecting knives are also part of JS's hobby
we have a few unopened Laguiole sets at home
maybe he'll use them when he decided to turn psycho and use them on me
hahahahahahha :D:D:D
yes when he decided he had enuff of me
but hey since there's a few sets, we can used it upon each other
most of his knives set cost the same of one of my handbag
another expensive hobby -_-

such sharp knives are meant to cut through meat like this :))))
that piece of grilled chili with olives outshone the meat :P
coz it was so sweet!!!!
sacher torte
do u know that sacher torte aka chocolate cake was invented here in Austria?
after such a satisfying meal, we walked back to our hotel with joy and contentment
that's the spire of Stephandsom
*click here to read bout our journey inside and up Stephandsom*

Bauer is highly recommended if you would like to try authentic Austrian cuisine, after all it's the best restaurant in this category.
well I believe when u travel, u need to go with an open mind and try everything that's local

Walter Bauer Restaurant *One Michelin Star*
Sonnenfelsgasse 17
1010 Vienna, Austria.
Tel: +43 1512 9871


Loose said...

Ur food pics always look so pretty & tempting.. Makes u happy just by looking at them.. =)

CHER-RY said...

hahaha Loose, the food itself is so good looking...anyone can take pretty pics with it :) and yes FOOD makes ppl very very happy :))))

How are you doing? :))

Loose said...

U're right.. food really does make ppl very happy, especially pretty looking ones! kekeke...

I'm super bz at work lor.. =( Then again it's good too coz it keeps me focused.. and hrm, I hope u're ok, after ur ordeal at Gardens today =P

CHER-RY said...

Loose: BZ is good especially during slow time like this...I m fine, just terrified at the incident. Anyway these days, we ladies have to be extra careful. Crime rate is just too high.