Friday, June 29, 2012

My Birthday with all the pretty akkas

Sweet & Devil Rachel gathered everyone here for my birthday
yeah I know that was last month so I must MUST must blog bout it before July comes...
which is heeee this Sunday? *sheepish smile*

yes Time waits for no one....more like TIME doesn't wait at all
we grow old, we grow fat, we get tired and relentless
and still TIME don't wait a minute/second for us to whine and complain
it just moves on and one and one.....
and Monday become Friday *woohooo*
in a blink of an eye what happened to my Jan, Feb, Mar???
when July is knocking at my door
what happen to my 20's and now I am in my 30's!!!!

every year I'll tell myself last year was my PRIME
which is good
coz it's testimony that every year got better
I hope I am able to maintain it this way till I past my 50's
wooohooo I am alwiz at my prime :D *evil proud grin*
yes I am a narcissist :P
Beautiful CS and Monkey
she arrived 1st at the venue - Leoarnado's
and kept on complaining to the rest how could they let Birthday Girl wait for them???

well all the pretty akkas had to rush home to prep up and come out in killer heels
as for me....I was on leave that day!!!
so no excuse for me to be late
Leonardo's is a casual chill out place in Bangsar with good food and excellent ambience
with ample parking in a quiet corner of residential area in Bangsar, u can't go wrong

this was my 3rd time here and the last time was so long ago
during a wine dinner
*click here to read about it*

after 20 mins, everyone arrived and our feast begun
everyone was bz ordering wines, yummy salad
pastas, veal, beef, chicken...
guess wat I had?
wuahahahhaha my wonderful sinful Hokkien Mee with tonnes of pork lard innit!!!!
everyone's eyes were gasping at my plate
"U having that???"

Why not? birthday gal can have anything she wants...
yes even though she's dressed to the nine in full makeup :P

in less than 60 seconds, everyone was so into this plate of Hokkien Mee coz it's really good
sorry I'm Asian so this is wat I do best....gawking and stuffing my face with asian food all the time
I've put on 3kg after my Bangkok trip
there are a few who asked me if I'm pregnant or not
u know it's not flattering to ask a woman if she's pregnant or not??

anyway I've got a personal trainer now to push me to burn those calories
yea hell wat am I doin with that plate of hokkien me?????
nvm my philosophy is too first :P
JS said I m making it even shorter by burning both ends of my candle
since I'm a MONKEY
Sweet Devil Rachel got me a sinful slice of heaven - chocolate banana cake with almond
it was really really good!!!!
pressie time!!!
Dear pretty akkas, our friendship is the best gift ever.
so don't kill brain cells to think of wat to get for Monkey

"YEAHHH u've got everything!!!! we didn't know wat to give u!!!"

in the end they got me all sort of relaxation products from superb spa package to home spa remedies and goodies that smells so oooohhhh tantalizing!!!
they got inspired after visited my home and saw the huge ass bath tub :P
this was also signs that I need to relax more and not to over-work myself
hmmmmm okie point noted
standing at the back: Hot Mama Thevi, Million-dollar-smile Encee, Devigaga, Hawt Babe Shen, Sweet Devil Rachel, Sexay Back Maggie
seated were Sal, Beautiful CS, Monkey, BCBG Amy

Thank you for your endless love and friendship
of bitching and "Goss" session!!!!
I never thought that I'll find friendship through ppl I worked with in this industry

wat a kaleidoscope mix of ppl
from oil and gas to fashion, to Legoland :))))))
timepieces jewelries to PR agency and corporate
to ppl who no longer need to work bcoz lil ones took centre stage in life

ok ok next industry will never be timepieces!!!!
later, we took the partay to Zeta Bar in Hilton Hotel
the new BFF = Beautiful CS and Hot Mama Thevi
since we've never gone there in ages....Beautiful CS thought we should go and recce
some sober shots first before all of us get konked
hellooo akka!!!! when are u gonna teach me to bake pavlova??
Hot Mama Thevi is my baking si fu :)))))
yeah we alwiz need to do BEFORE shots 
coz later all of us tend to b so intoxicated like the aboe
BCBG Amy said she's shy
caption for this pic: Ladies in Laces alwiz ace the men
group picca :))))))))
2 weeks later, I lodged a complain to the F&B director
for using ACRYLIC glassware!!!
how could u??? u are Hilton ok!!! not some Hilltop hotel
*smacks forehead*

ok first I am not trying to be a Drama Queen or Diva
but for charging this prices at such destination
this is not acceptable

it's like eating with plastic fork and knives at a steak house
u get my drift here???
Sal said the nite is still very young and nobody can leave till...
hello sista, all of us had to kick ass and work the next day :P
and what's friends are for if they dun play pranks on u
or humiliate u in public
sorry I can't rap a birthday song
I can only dance :P
anyway I've forgotten the name of this band...
the blonde singer failed big time
and this I lodged my complaint *ahem* feedback to Oreo Nij
who's now with the PR and Marketing division

"It's horrible singing!!!"
Oreo Nij: "They've alwiz been like this!!!!"
okie nvm....maybe I have horrible ear drums that don't register their pitch
BIG thank you to Sweet Devil Rachel for organising my birthday
she deserved a big fat wet kiss fr Monkey
my boss....yes my boss at work was nagging me when he saw this pic
"ur dress is so SHORT!!!! WTF!!!!!"
monkey rolled eyes....then u want me to wear baju kurung menutup aurat at the club??
"it's TOO SHORT!!!!! next time don't wear this anymore"

even my dad dun say that
yeah my boss is my dad at work

and the next thing he noticed..
"ohhh that's a nice Jaeger le-Coultre reverso u are wearing there.."
this is wat I call "Career Disease/Sickness"

if u are in shoes industry, u tend to take notice of everyone's shoes/sole
if u are in fashion, u take note of ppls' apparels
if u are in skincare and cosmetics, u observe ppl's face and the size of their pores
it's true....try that next time on yourself and see wat u take note first when meeting someone

THANK YOU ladies for the wonderful nite
and yes till the next Birthday again 


Anonymous said...

Great birthday celebration you had there! I like this sentence "we grow old, we grow fat, we get tired and relentless" which is so true T_T
There's once I was asked whtr I'm pregnant or not because of the dress I wore. *sigh...Alrite, now where can I get that sinful cake?? ^_^

CHER-RY said...

Hi Melissa :)))

Hahaha I m just stating the fact bout growing up/old :P
U can get a slice of heaven from below:

Anonymous said...

Wahh...good pricing. Thanks!! =)

CHER-RY said...

u r most welcome :)))