Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wagyu Foie Gras Burger @ The Deli

we came specifically for this!!!!
minced fatty wagyu beef patty, chargrilled to tender juicy-ness
topped with melted cheese, and Chef's famous sinful foie gras
if u have a weak heart, don't bother coming here :P
The Deli may sounds healthy but it's far from it
hua hua hua
didn't your mother tell u that all yummy food are sinful, just take for example hokkien mee???

just a few specks of sea salt flakes
no sauces needed to chomp these down
with some fresh greens on top of housemade bread

if u are those who are expecting some firm meat patty then u'll be disappointed bcoz wagyu has got so much of fat, the patty is on the softer side and extremely juicy
at each bite it makes u wanting more and more

I guess the waiting staffs were surprised that I chomped everything down
well except that piece of bread
well considering that I'm on the "petite" side :P
but I am growing out of my petite frame soon

if u think having a small chunk of foie gras is sinful, then u can opt for a non-foie gras version
the Deli serves other yummy sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts etc

seeing that I'm so "petite", we had complimentary desserts from Chef
another really sinful chocolate rolled cake
 pretty homemade crunchy meringue with korean strawberries and homemade vanilla ice cream

well if The Deli and Cilantro share the same kitchen and team
u can expect nothing less
from quality of food, services, taste and presentation

now I have another place to go to enjoy my lazy Saturdays
well The Deli isn't new, just that we were alwiz too bogged down with Cilantro :P
next I would love to try their Duck confit with salad :))))
or maybe that awesome grilled beef sandwich
GAH I seriously need to install 3 more external stomachs to my body :P

and after this meal I ran 5 km at the park with my personal trainer, huffing and puffing
felt like I had done a 41km marathon, I asked him, how much calories have I burnt over the course of 5km...
Personal Trainer: "based on ur frame and size, about 400 calories"
GAH!!!!! WTF!!!! either I eat lesser or I better start running to work instead of using my car
but hell!!! the wagyu foie gras is worth every bite....I will try to do 10km soon. :))))))))

The Deli
Micasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2179 8000
opens from 11am to 7pm daily except Sundays


licheng said...

The burger looks really good!

Foie gras will be banned in CA started 1 Jul 2012. huuuu..

CHER-RY said...

how come??? why???

licheng said...


inhumane having to artificially enlarge the bird's liver for the purpose of foie gras...

CHER-RY said...

very strict huh....I guess next is battery chicken and pigs reared inside its cage etc?