Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tory Burch heels

Been anticipating the opening of Tory Burch Singapore
dom dee dum...

anyway I got the above pair at the Tory Burch Sale in Hong Kong
it was a 70% and above clearance sale at its boutique in IFC Mall
nobody can miss its SALE signage

while Monkey was BZ trying every single pairs of shoes available there,
JS managed to snatched some small leather goods, wine carrier and pencil box

"Wat's that?"
JS: "It's gonna be my pencil box" and beams proudly
*I dun know to be proud or worried that my other half is a shopaholic like me*

"errr I think that's a cosmetic pouch but nvm it looks good to be anything u want."

YES we love good bargains
who wouldn't?


May Ng said...

love the stiletto! and oh my, with 70% sales, oh , who can resist that? :p

CHER-RY said...

May: hahaha yes yes everyone lurve rock bottom sale like this :))))

tory burch said...

tory burchはモダンでクラシック感がたっぷりあります!よく、結婚式や2次会、パーティー等のシーンでこのブランド品を見ることができます!この中でトリーバーチ シューズは最も人気が高いです。良質の素材でベーシックなバレエシューズのデザインで足にピッタリとフィットし、履き心地もいいシューズですよ。フラットタイプなので長い間で履いていても疲れない。ショッピングなどでたくさん歩いても大丈夫です!