Thursday, May 03, 2012

Pratunam Chicken Rice, Bangkok

When the sun sets, it's peak hour in Bangkok
traffic is almost at standstill and despite its chaos, those Thai drivers sort themselves out
I call them organised chaos

hahahahaha just like at a junction in Saigon, Vietnam without traffic lights.....all the bikes, motorbikes, cars, trucks, lorries and pedestrians will sort themselves out crossing the bz road
only difference is, Bangkok is home to 14.5 million people *KL = 7.2 million*
it's a huge metropolitan

watching sunset as we walked was quite a pleasant thing to do
well only if u are walking towards the west direction
it's been scorching hot in Bangkok, like 40 degrees????
everyday, it feels like stepping into the hot oven
it's HOT and DRY
at least humidity is low, so u dun sweat like u do back in KL

our destination and mission: Chicken rice at Pratunam
to get there u need to cross the lil bridge over this canal
nope, it's not a river...Bangkok is full of canals
u can see the boat station down there just like a metro station

there's 2 famous chicken rice here at Pratunam
both within walking distance....
yeah I know it's pretty confusing

So u have the most famous one with PINK shirt
and the local favourite which is the GREEN shirt
and we alwiz do wat the locals do.....go to the GREEN shirt
tee hee hee.....

fluffy rice being steamed
pipping hot...u can never miss it...
so u can see it's not a very glam or proper place to dine at
the stall is just next to the bz road of Bangkok
*hmmm I think they should also do drive thru with this kind of traffic hahahahaha*
a standard mis-en-place on every table
a pot of homemade chili, dried chili flakes, sugar,
those are definitely not Fanta drinks....they were soya sauce and fish sauce

soon our humble Chicken Rice was served!!!!
it's really simple...
just a small bowl of hot fluffy al-dente rice
slices of de-boned chicken
a bowl of sauce
a few slices of cucumber
Busy Instagram-ing
now everyone can instagram :D:D:D

the chicken was all ask for chicken thigh or drumstick
skin was thin with good texture
it looked too normal to be this good

the key is to have everything *rice and chicken* with its special sauce
a concoction of fish sauce, soya sauce, dark soya sauce, chopped garlic + ginger + chili padi
super YUM!!!!!!!

I was contemplating another plate but we had other food
anyhow resistance is hard so WE HAD ANOTHER PLATE :D:D:D
it's only 3 bucks!!!! hohohohohohohohohoho

yummy bowl of fish maw soup
with the whole chicken drumstick innit and loads of sea cucumber and more fish maw
it's a different type of fish maw - almost tendon liked
very very good texture

different type of satays
it's pork and the meat are really really lean
suitable for health freaks, nevertheless it tasted really good bcoz of its marinade
the sauce were again different from Malaysia's satays
the cucumber and onions were pickled in vinegar to give it a twang
very different and yet delicious :)))))))))))))))

the Pad Thai stall with condiments to choose from
u can have mussels, oysters, squid or prawns Pad Thai
here they used the flat wok to cook em

Thai Sausages being barbeque-ed
Thai Sausages RAWKS!!!!!
ok I will keep this for another posting coz we bought them on daily basis,
really nice snacks :))))

charcoal grilled chicken and salt grilled fish
this I will keep for another posting too
the other must eat at the same place is the famous Mango Stick Rice
Khao Niao Mak Muang
it's being run by the same butch for the past years
*errr well I dunno if she's a butch or not but she looked gusty and feisty*
wat a sweet ending to a great dinner
I didn't wanna share
yes I m a greedy bugger
the mangoes were succule-licious
it just melts in ur mouth
no fiber, no grains
just pure sweet like honey flesh that sinks in~~~~~
I would kill for this hence I am not SHARING!!!
JS next time if u want your own, pls get another portion for urself
but then again it was his portion....I should be the one getting it for myself
then it's time to walk home
see the Novotel hotel over there...
it's just on top of the CRAZY 2,500 fashion shops of Platinum Mall
so those who are goin to Bangkok just to shop at Platinum Mall, I would recommend that u stay there
hhihihihihihhi very very convenient.
we saw so many other street food on the way
but too full to indulge
so many varieties of sweet corn
from the glutinous type to the read one and hybrid corns
a huge pink elephant
elephants are everywhere....

Pratunam Chicken Rice
at the intersection of Thanon Ratchadamri and Thanon Petchaburi street,
Bangkok, Thailand.


Chasing Food Dreams said...

just in the nick of time.. I heading to Bangkok next week.. yay.... so gonna check this out! ;)

Melissa said...

Yay..I'm checking your BKK updates too...hehe...(very informative)
BTW...Food Dreams going next week...I'll be going the week after. Yeah!!

js said...

Enjoy กรุงเทพมหานคร(krungtepmahanakorn is what the Thais affectionately call their capital) สวัสดี:))

CHER-RY said...

wahhh everyone goin to BKK kekekeke
Enjoy the trip!!!!
"Krai Krai Gor Bin Dai" = Now everyone can fly
who's tagline is tat??? :P

CHER-RY said...

wahhh everyone goin to BKK kekekeke
Enjoy the trip!!!!
"Krai Krai Gor Bin Dai" = Now everyone can fly
who's tagline is tat??? :P

Melissa said...

Thanks...Okay..I read it too fast and it sounds like 'Pintai' (gila)...sorryyyy... ;-p
continue reading***

CHER-RY said...

hahahaha actually this tagline was by Airasia