Tuesday, May 08, 2012


I've been really really mad about the color CORAL!!!!
since a few months ago....from my top, dresses, short pants and now my nail color :D:D:D
the thing is, it ain't that easy and friendly when it comes to matching with other stuffs
but I've found a few other colors that worked so well with it..
say this GREEN!!!!
it also gave me insights to match other outfit in different colors with Coral
Last Friday I wore this Shocking Fuchsia dress for a lovely dinner
and it matched so nicely :D:D:D

Yea I lurve to wear bright colors so u can spot me from kilometres away
but that really depends coz sometimes u need to match ur BRIGHT colored dress with more subtle accessories and shoes
however there are times when I match Fuchsia bag with Green dress and blue shoes
hahahaha sometimes there's just season for "colors-block-ing"

*lookin at my own self*
today I'm just wearing a white top, dusty blue frill skirt, almost-Coral pink pumps
and the Caviar Blue Chanel bag
so it's very very subtle today hahahahahaha
Coral can be matched easily with Spring colors
coz it's a spring color....duh....-_-

lookin at this 3 years old H&M summer dress makes me wanna paint my nails in all of its colors
why can't they have a nail color that splashes all of the above when painted on nails???
I have bunions thanks to my genes and killer heels!!!

Coral with Orange
it's like matching syrupy peaches with oranges
hmmmmmm my Coral nails looked orange
while my orange slipper looked Coral in this pic
-_-" weird

nothing...just bla bla-ing coz I wanna take a short break off food posting
too much of something ain't good for u...
to appreciate life more :)))))))))))))

hardship vs shake-legs moment
sadness vs joy & happiness
sinful food vs health freak alfafa rabbit diet
dumb blonde moment to save ur ass at times vs smart, strong, intelligent :))))
dressed down days vs dressed to kill
being a bitch vs an angelic bitch *still a beaaatttchhh!!!*

Manicure RM 10 *huahahahaha*
Pedicure RM 15 *hihihihihihihihi*
being pampered for 90 minutes doing nothing = ME time
every single day.....priceless

sometimes we just need to spend time with ourselves
every single day
be it reading a book,
solving problems,
picking up new skills
or just pure entertainment like LOL until your-other-half-throw-u-the-slitted-eyes-look, while watching the tele
as for me...I do the above everyday

where do I find time???
in the KL traffic jam...
I read something, I solved work/personal related problem, I think a lot, I practice my French *still learning to count 1 to 100*, I ohhmmm ohmmmmm meditate and try to calm meself instead of cursing at the traffic, or luff at the radio :P
What about you?


boo_licious said...

Love the dose of fashion in between the food takes.

Coral is definitely very unusual & great for perking up the day.

For traffic jams, I tend to space out and come out with my best ideas. Weird I guess but it is one of those times I truly have the time to sit down and think.

Have a great week ahead.

Chasing Food Dreams said...

luv the first shot.. I really think Coral goes so well with that BV color...

in traffics, I always have a cook book handy and I also often space out to enjoy what I normally kenot see when I m busy.. like nature, places, surroundings, etc...

btw.. where can I get manicure and pedi for that cheap??? ;)

CHER-RY said...

Boolicious: hmm guess ur creativity perks during traffic jam...I find that too at times. So we can find good things coming out from traffic jam anyway :P Yes CORAL is so in and I am promoting this color :))) You have a great one too Boo.

Food Dreams: Cook book inside the car? Damn either the jam is bad or ur cook book has got HUGE fonts hahahahahaha. The mani pedi was done in BANGKOK!!!!!!! Go n pamper urself.

licheng said...

My Kate Spade handbag is coral and I am loving it ;)

Melissa said...

I personally think colors may make a person looks younger and cheerful. ^^ (just like u)

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: oooo I am sure it looked very very pretty!!!! nice choice there :))))

Melissa: yes agree with u :))) colors do make one EPPY EPPY!!!!