Monday, May 21, 2012

Borough Market, London

That's Morning Me....gesturing JS to walk faster
U'll know why we were in a rush later

sorry for jumping the posting back to London
I was watching Samantha Brown touring London last nite and remembered ooohhhh Shhhh***TTTTT
forgot to blog bout Borough Market :P

yes we were in Borough Market 6 months ago
aaahhhh how time flies
yeah why the rush huh?
it's early in the morning and once we got down to the Tube station, crossed the main street into the famous century old Borough Market
*sources claimed it existed as early as 1014 and could be much earlier*

my 1st target was this toasted cheese sandwich and raclette stall
JS was tailing behind puffing in the late autumn cold air

JS: "It's not open yet"
Monkey: "I'll wait for it...I'm gonna be their 1st customer!!!!!"
JS -_-"

Menu of the day and for every other day - toasted cheese sandwich
and the famous raclette which is so Swiss

Monkey waited patiently for them to assemble their stall
merchandise their ingredients
and HIM drawing on the chalk board
hmmm if ur menu is the same every other day, why bother to re-write it?
unless u were being punished to re-write it hehehehhehee

slabs of cheese on the raclette machine
grated and shredded Montgomery Cheddar cheese
tonnes of it....
sandwiched with Poilane sourdough bread

toasted this way with a mixture of Onions, Leeks and Garlic
wahhh the smell~~~~~~

toasty crispy sourdough with so much of melted cheese
and the occasional bites of onions and leeks
it's worth coming here for....early in the morning hahahahaah
your visit to Borough Market will not be complete without chomping on one of these :D

after satisfying my tummy and cravings
it's time to satisfy JS's hunger for Food-gawking
I dun understand, if u can eat it why not? instead of stare and gawk at it???
-_- Men~~~~ *rolls eyes*

beautiful salad leaves and herbs
everything on display was screaming FRESHness and Perfection
if only we can buy them back to cook -_-

loads of cheese from around the world
with sampling as well
I thought only the produce sold here are organic...
even the TEAs were organic
shows how serious these traders are

at the meat section...u can find anything everything
even Iberico ham
Partridge...u know the 12 days of xmas song? and a partridge in a pear tree?
that's a partridge :P
I had that a few years ago in France and it was.....gamey~~
me no likey
Pheasant...something very brit
these are all cleaned and "undressed"
some traders sold those still warm and fresh with head legs and feathers
look at all the descriptions....the sausages may looked alike but it ranges from wild boar sausage to game sausage
hmmmm rabbit??? no no no they are too adorable to be eaten

Humongous Razor Clams with the length of my 12 inches Long ruler
and really fresh produce from the sea
The opened-mouth fish was me!!!!

our eyes were darting left and right at the sights, sounds and smell of the entire place
I kept on losing my concentration on all that's happening coz it's too much and greedy me want everything!!! EVERYTHING!!!!
the smell of freshly cooked stew
with the lady holding out spoons for u to taste
oh dang!!! I shall not have curries in the Land of the Queen
but the curries here are so DANG good!!!!
in fact curries are their national food

certain food has got such intensity in smell that it managed to pulled me from the curry stall
which was like 10 metres away and I found this!!!!
pork cocktails in all forms
"Can I have a stick of those please...and this one...and that one..."
JS  >.<

Borough Market is not that big...but it isn't small either
here's the MOoooooMap!!!!

from afar i saw this stall!!!!
PIE Minister!!!!

I went crazy just at this sight!!!!
WAAAAAHHH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ like a lil gal found a Candy cart

How about that?
everything is so organic here.....

next to this stall another one selling pork pies too!!!
I regretted for not buying some home to Malaysia

JS:"Baby, we are staying in Europe for another 5 weeks, u can't be lugging this around right?"
Monkey:" but....but....but....:"((((("

the famous Monmouth Coffee
the most famous organic coffee in England
check out the has got individual paper filters
once all the liquid has drained off, u'll have a special cup of smooth fragrant coffee in ur hand

we discovered Monmouth coffee fr another Wine Lord
He buys them by the bulk/kilos home to Spore

Monmouth also sells pastries, truffles and cakes

noticed how they merchandised the Madelaines?
top and down
and the burnt edges!!!! oh my~~~~~~ I want this now~!!!!

we sat outside Monmouth to enjoy our coffee
"Pigeons Overhead!!!"
so that spot was cleared just for Pigeons shit

We sat here for quite a bit doin people watch
such a kaleidoscope of people, food and languages here

and I saw something new about GPS
a lady was cycling with a A4 size map clipped into the front of her bike facing her

this was the view from my "Pigeons Ahead" bench

Fancy some more food????
Fish and chips, another staple of Brits
here u get a choice of cod fish, haddock fish to be eaten with vinegar chips and gerkins
fresh oysters anyone????
they shucked it on the spot and u eat it on the spot too
nothing needed coz it's so fresh...
however this stall provided slices of lemons and tabasco
in fact for good quality oysters, u dun really need tabasco and who the hell invented this eating method anyway??? Tabasco and oysters????
more fresh bread and pies and cakes
everything organic!!!!

after nibbling food here n there, it's time for desserts
and my oh my...we were spoilt for choices
from turkish delights to different types of chocolates cakes
beautiful nuts from the middle east
baklavas to tarts
but I'm a savoury person so I went back in search for food like this
tee hee hee hee~~~~~
Seafood Paellas
seriously u can get everything from around the world here

Best time to come = Saturday
Opening hours:
Thursday : 11am - 5pm
Fridays :
12pm - 6pm
Saturdays : 8am - 5pm

Click the below to read further
Toasted Cheese Sandwich
Monmouth Coffee
Borough Market
Our 1st visit a few years ago

8 Southwark Street,
Best way to get there = Tube at London Bridge Station


Chasing Food Dreams said...

I didnt eat breakfast and it was a huge mistake to look at this post... I gawked till I wanna pengsan!! hehehe

man.. that sourdough cheese sandwich looked awesome!!! me huge fan of sourdough... and paella and fish & chips and .... @_@

CHER-RY said...

okie warning not visit this blog on an empty stomach :D:D:D

yes this market is a must visit whenever u are in London :))))