Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Siu Siu Restaurant, Seputeh

oh....my....mother of all!!!!!!
the yummylicious to die for Yuet Gong Hor translates to "Moon Shine Flat Rice Noodle" 
*this translation reminded me of "clothes that pokes eyes", if u dun get it, read it here click*

the beauty of this dish was it's so simple but to achieve this results, it takes years to master
basically the flat rice noodle is quite similar to char kuey teow but much silkier
the "breathe of fire" was amazingly thunderous!!!
almost like the cook put charcoal into the dish hahahahaha
topped with crunchy crispy pork lard
lastly, crack an egg while the noodles were still pipping hot

to eat it, u need to mix the egg and "cook" it
a must order whenever u come here

the char siew here is the sticky caramelised type but not overly sweet
some ppl like it sweet some like it burnt
but I think this place achieved a balance of both
stir fried bitter gourd with crispy pork aka "siew yoke" in black bean sauce
it's not too oily as I find other places drenched them in oil and fat
this is just nice and both the pork and bittergourd still has got texture innit
oh yea.......
steamed organic free range chicken with homemade ginger garlic sauce
I don't know if it's the chicken or the sauce
both were so competitive but definitely paired so well
the moist smooth chicken meat and the spicy gingerly garlicky sauce in oil
Cheng Loong Choi something in between spring onions and chinese chives
I dunno wat do u call this in english
just simple stir fried and it's really good
stir fried potato leaves in sambal chillis
its stalks were fat juicy and non fibrous - was a surprise to me considering its size
hua hua hua hua~~~~
my all time favourite
crispy deep fried squid loaded with salted egg yolk, curry leaves and chili padis
anytime very very welcome!!!!!
another hua hua hua for me was this deep fried thinly sliced pork belly in nam yee
nam yee = fermented beancurd
crispy and I was popping them like pop corn!!!!
this didn't look appetizing but it was darn good!!!
homemade toufu cooked in minced pork and chopped long beans
soft like toufu-fah
then I noticed that the other skin was brown coz it was pre-fried first
it has got very good fragrant too!!!!
Hokkien mee with mixture of bee hoon and fat noodle
there's crispy pork lard served separatedly on the sides
but we came for this 
Claypot Crab Rice

the pics speak for itself

in the end the Grains were gone
with the crab still sitting happily on the pot
yep, we r not Crab eaters :P

Siu Siu Restaurant
15-11 Lorong Syed Putra Kiri,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6016 309 8038
Closed on Monday


Loose said...

Aiya.. wasted.. Next time send the crabs to me! TQ! =P

licheng said...

Everything looks sooooooo good! Droooool

May Ng said...

Were the charsiew comparable with Oversea restaurant?

The charsiew from Oversea were phenomenal.

CHER-RY said...

Loose: gimme ur address hehehehehe
Kindy Chai: next time, when u r back in Msia, I'll bring u here :)))
May: it really depends on what type of char siew u like, sweet caramelized stick or etc....anyhow I found another nice char siew place in section 17. Will find time to blog about it :))))

Anonymous said...

Had a bad experience with the captain. Beaware with Sg.Besi Branch's Captain. not Professional and cheaty to customer, Food Taste average.

CHER-RY said...

Hi Anonymous: oh dear, I am so sorry u had such a bad experience. I've never been to the Sg. Besi branch.

fizzychickensoup said...

Been there a few time way back 7 or 8 years ago. They attempted to cheated on the bill. Luckily we spotted it. Never been back because of that!

CHER-RY said...

Fizzychickensoup: oh dear!! I am so sorry to hear that happened to you.....