Monday, August 23, 2010

Gattopardo, Singapore

Gattopardo has been around for 3 young months
and garnered tonnes of interest fr food enthusiast
helmed by Chef Lino Sauro

located at the beautiful Fort Canning
it's a sight to behold :)))))))))))
Saint Veeny & Dinos the Great just landed fr Europe
and were as fresh as daisies

instead of letting them indulge in all the local food
we brought them for a nice authentic Italian food
no Italian dinner is complete without a Gaja
Sori Tildin - named after the maker's grandmother
it was an excellent vintage - 1988

Barbaresco is a small parcel in Piemonte, north of Italy
and it's on a hill.
we were honored to be able to visit this top Italian winery last year
thank you to Chef Lino :)))))))
for the kind arrangement
as Gaja does not receive guests/visitors/tourists
only merchants :P
without having to wait long
Chef Lino was busy whipping out the fresh produce fr his kitchen

carpaccio of langoustine one of his specialty
all produce arrived fresh from Italy on that day
grilled bamboo clams
also fr Italy, its size were HUGE
and Chef Lino did it so well it was crunchy!!!!
tuna tartare with sweet melon
Chef Lino is so fusion these days, he tend to use Asian ingredients as well
so dun be surprise if u find some japanese herbs and local spices
specially prepared yummy salad
of rucola, oranges, walnuts and feta cheese
he has a special place to house all the fresh produce fr the sea
the above was a RARE BLUE LOBSTER
dun ask me why it is not blue :P
anyway for every 1,000 lobsters that u get, only 1 is BLUE
fresh blue nose
the very same clams that we ate
Chef Lino has a 2 tonnes stone oven!!!!!
for all the yummy bread and PIZZASSS
his pizzas are first class!!!!
we sat at a nice corner with an oval table
so Italiano :)))))))))))

first class pizza
with such thin crispy crust
and good quality fresh mozzarella
simple cappellini
it was gone within minutes

asparagus ravioli with italian cheese
this one oso gone in seconds
very good texture and well balanced taste of herbs and cheese
OMG I m craving for this now
simple and super yum pizza!!!!!!
with prawns and meat
Si Fu brought this bottle
grilled fish with potatoes and zucchinis
done to perfection
the fish was sooo goooddd on its own
no sauces needed at all

and it was fatty and juicy and moist
with a hint of charcoal fr its grill
bcoz we were so stuffed
we only had one meat
superb pork belly

which Chef Lino had to braised, stewed and bake
to infuse all its flavour

*smack lips*
Chef Lino!!!!!
after 4 years in Singapore
he now speaks like one :P

Chef Lino: "Cherry we go eat Bak Chor mien later?"

wat bak chor mien? is tat hokkien?
did u just speak hokkien????
someone is trying a new macho look
very ZEN
as usual our desserts alwiz come in courses as well :P
cannoli!!!!! my favourite!!!!
it's a very SICILIAN dessert and of coz Chef Lino came fr Sicily

I had one in Rome and lurve it so much
that reminded me I have yet to blog bout this great cafe in Rome :P
where I had the greatest Affogato and Cannoli :D

can't remember wat was this coz I didn't eat it
gone in seconds, no chance to eat :P
must be damn good
meringue with passion fruit sauce
very very good
never had such delicious meringue!!!!
forgotten wat do u call this fritters
this one came last
special request fr Dinos the Great
he wanted more authentic Italian desserts
and so Cassata came
again it's a traditional Sicilian dessert
hope both of u enjoyed the truly authentic Sicilian/Italian meal!!!!
111 Canning Walk,
Fort Canning,
Singapore 178881.
Tel: +65 6338 5498


Tsu Lin + + said...

Wow.. JS & his sis really "chop" biscuit! I can only see this resemblance now.

js said...

Apa it chopped biscuit orr? :))

Tsu Lin + + said...

Hahaha.. I mean you two have uncanny resemblance!

CHER-RY said...

coz they came out fr the same kilang mar....:P