Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Mary had a lil lamb

It was not the 1st song I learnt when I was just a notti lil 5 year old...
the music teacher forced me to play more than that >_<

the moment I turned 7, i had to perform dy..
practicing piano was so mundane and being a notti monkey
I don't :P
I do sight-reading all the time every single week during all my horrid music lessons

wondered how the heck I passed with flying colours
and finished my diploma in Music Studies by the time I turned 16

Gawd....dear readers...if u were to send ur kids to music lesson
pls make sure they have passions for it.
anyway just kidding coz despite all the horrid lessons and years
I did enjoy playing the piano.
I mean making sound pollutions with it. :P
shall we give him a japanese name?

still in its carton box
home is not ready yet so this baby gonna be the last piece of furniture to be assembled.
and it will sit at this very corner



licheng said...

ahha..i stopped at Grade 8 @ 16. you mmg boleh jadi cikgu already.

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: me no patience to be a teacher :P To be a teacher need advanced diplomma and I don't have that :P