Thursday, August 05, 2010

Big Mac GOE style

Monkey dining at an exclusive restaurant in Singapore
menu of the day. G.O.E - God of Eatery's wallet

confirmed BIG lar this wallet....
even my big mouth kenot accommodate.
wat do u store inside lar????
how to fit inside your pocket?
why do u have so many cards lar?

usually we go dutch on dinners
*whenever possible coz everyone seems to be fighting to pay the bills*
anyway when the respective cards arrived for the gentlemen to sign.....

Waiter: "Mr. K.....Mr. K"
"there's no Mr. K on this table miss, prollie u got the wrong table."

Waiter then proceeded to check and re-confirmed that it's our table.
-_-" who the hell is this Mr. K lar?

Suddenly GOE who was day dreaming jumped fr his seat..
"Oh shoot that's my friend's card."

seems that despite his huge wallet with so many cards, he and Mr. K ter-exchanged cards
during one of their outing/dining session.

the whole table joked...lucky it's not MISS K...
otherwise we got drama to watch...Flatmate Amy & GOE :P

within 30 seconds, GOE made a call to Mr. K
who's in Bali for a week and been busy signing GOE's card without realising anything amiss at all

then all of us started requesting "things" fr GOE
Monkey: "GOE....I wanna buy bag...I saw that Bottega Bag the other day and can I borrow your card?"

JS: "I want to get another Canon lense."

Flatmate Amy: "wei....queue up turn 1st..."


Tsu Lin + + said...

OMG!!!! Liddat oso can!!!

CHER-RY said...

Hi Tsu Lin,

How's the summer so far? lil one enjoying herself?
yea memang 1st time i hear ppl ter-swapped credit cards. :p