Saturday, December 26, 2009

Towards Barbaresco and Trattoria Antica Torre.

After the brief stop in Alba, we headed for the commune of Barbaresco which was the main reason for visiting this distant province of Northern Italy.
Crossing the Tanaro River, we drove pass miles and miles of scenic vineyards which was already golden brown this time of the year.
Monkey.....i don't think i can ever get bored of such a view.

JS.......yeap, with such views, you won't need music in the car.

Monkey...... -_-

We then reach a junction and Adrian turned right and we saw this signage which says Barbaresco 3.....we knew we were near.
we snaked up a hill and thru narrow roads flanked by the renowned Ovello vineyards which eventually transformed into narrow streets with rustic buildings literally next to the road....and then suddenly before our eyes, we saw this....yes, Gaja's main entrance.
the entrance was really modest and simple with blue color gate and rustic color walls and a simple brass plague and floor is made of cobblestone.....we were expecting something grander and more authoritative.

As lunch was next on the agenda, we drove pass Gaja slowly and reach the end of the town. The end of Barbaresco town is marked by a 11th century tower(Antica Torre).
We quickly found our way into Tratorria Antica Torre which is next to the old tower.
The place was simply rustic and absolutely NO English was expectations(on food) was flying high.
The menu was in Italian and making an order took like forever but however with our limited spoken Italian, we manage to order what we wanted :)
Starter consist of some boiled vegetable salad sprinkled with hard boiled egg york. The looks of this dish did not do justice to the taste.....simple and balanced and fresh. Not too rich. It actually reminded me of Japanese potato salad!

Our main courses consist of a Tajarin with some meat ragu and ravioli in a butter and sage sauce.

Tajarin = hand cut egg noodles.
Ravioli = gweilo wanton.
The Ravioli is somewhat lighter and not as rich compare with what we get back home. i always thought ravioli was cheesy and creamy!
This was probably the best egg noodles i have ever had. Really eggy and light on the palate.
We washed the meal down with a good helping of........Barbaresco offcourse!
and the........ compulsory espresso to get us on our way!
Must say this was a truly memorable meal in this exiting commune and set the scene for the next appointment.........Yes, Gaja Winery just down the road......please wait for next posting.


neil said...

Great pics!

Yippee! Now I have stuff to read weekdays and weekends!

js said...

Neil, hopefully some of the weekend post won't sound like a PHD thesis! :)