Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Departing KUL to Italy

JS brought his huge tai farn shue Nikon D700
which weigh about the same like my Macbook 17"
notti monkey was the porter....carrying all the heavy winter jacket
trend for this autumn/winter is down jacket for its coziness and lightweightness
I got mine at Uniqlo in Singapore
seriously KLIA is quite a sad airport
with its below par retail outlets and variety
and really really lousy food
I have yet to try the newly opened satay shop
in fact the xmas deco was quite sad too
well usually we bummed into the lounge and chill
our flight departed at 11.50pm
so it's kinda good timing to sleeeeeeppppppp
JS popped his zzzz pill and all ready in his pajamas to sleep
Monkey: "Berr.....are u comfortable? is the temperature ok for u?"
dunno why I kenot and must not miss the satay kekekekekkeke
and so Monkey had satays for supper
*sorry for the poor lightings coz it's tailored for ppl to snooze at that time*

it's supposed to be a 12 hours flight but didn't feel like it..
prollie I was too busy chomping on the satays and busy dreaming of meself shopping
sad looking croissaint
WAHHHH I was so eppy to have nasi lemak
my very last local delicacy.....
it looks good huh?
it surprised me!!!

the grains were enriched with really really lots of coconut milk
and sambal was just spicy enuff
just wished there was a fried egg on top


licheng said...

I never turn down the satays and nasi lemak they serve on biz class..like u said, it did surprise me that it tasted pretty good :)

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: yea yea yea memang sedap for inflight catering...*salivates*

Bry™ said...

How was the jet lag??

CHER-RY said...

Bry: Hey B!...how r u? :) jet lag was only for a day...when r u gonna update your blog -_-