Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my very first Gelato in Milan

it's alwiz difficult having to be able to choose a maximum of only 2 flavours
coz obviously I can't devour 10 diff flavours on my own
when JS is not a gelato person!!!!!!
hmmm should i have imperiale? mandorla? sacher?
then my eyes locked onto Desiderio Amarena.......
so PRETTY!!!!
the beauty about gelato is.....it's so different fr ice cream
wat's more it was invented in ITALY
gelato has lower fat content as compared to ice creams,
and it uses diff type of sugar - sucrose n dextrose

oh by the way the flavour amarena = black cherry + cream
and the other flavour was limone

well the rule of choosing gelato:
during winter...choose the cream/milk/heavy based gelato
while during summer...choose the fruit based

so I had a mixture of summer and winter on that day
anyway that was the 1st day in Milano and my 1st gelato..
following that, many gelatos follow suit every evening

gosh I'm still bloggin bout the 1st few days in Milan..


neil said...

What a huge helping! =P~

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: it's the average size :) very sedap...only Euro 2.50 = RM 15 (well come on dun convert coz their cost of living is liddat)

eg: our 500ml coke is RM 2.50 theirs = Euro 2.20

js said...

this italian gelatos....the texture is very different from ice cream....when you eating and licking from the cone, you can actually stretccchhhhhh it and it won't break....almost fibrous!!

CHER-RY said...

JS: YES so sedap n u dun lemme eat everyday!!!! say i FAT!!!! >_<