Monday, December 21, 2009

Cracco Peck, Milan *2 Michelin Stars*

it was our 1st nite at Milano....
and we were super duper lucky to have a table at Cracco coz it was a very last minute reservation..
last min like erm a week ahead only?
the inverted Cracco-Peck on the plate

Cracco has got its own Cafe, Gourmet Retail outlet, bottled their own gourmet foodstuff
and of coz a charming 2 Michelin Stars Ristorante....

the Chef and Owner Mr. Carlo Cracco has got an amazing portfolio under him
trained with Alain Ducasse and having worked at Enoteca Pinchiorri put him higher above.
it's the season for Tartufo Bianco!!!!
white truffles...
u know Monkey no likey truffles..but dunno wat strucked me tat nite
I think it has got to be this box of white truffles fr Alba locked in its wooden box
the smell....oh GAWD...
bet it's worth more than 10 Bottega Bags in there!!!

yep the best white truffles are from Alba
*will blog bout Alba soon, we took a day trip there*
grissini...I'm not a grissini kinda person but it's so different here..
coz the texture was almost biscotti liked and it melts in your mouth
Mr. Maitre D: "Madame, I have a lil present for you...sun dried vegetable chips"

it was amazing...thinly sliced and sun dried only..
it preserved all its natural flavour...thought I was eating the real thing.
this one was complimentary on the house, not very memorable...
forgotten wat was it.
this was the potato with truffles wrapped on 2 pieces of caramel
got to eat with care...
coz the 2 sheets of caramel were so thin and was in the process of melting on my fingers as I chomped on it...
everybite was ecstatic...coz it made u wanting more and more.
The texture was excellent!!!!
our first course was the steamed egg custard and cream with white truffles
can u see the amount of shaved white truffles?
where's the EGG????
aaaAAAAAAaaaa there it was..
funny thing bout white truffles vs black ones has such good texture and bite
me likey!!!!
and it does not stinks like the black ones..
would u just look at the colour of the yolk???
by standard...this is normal...all the egg yolks in the whole lot of Italy are this YELLOW!!!!
more like orange i should say :)))))))))))))
this was a very memorable dish
2nd course was the beef tartare with orange zest, pomegranate and white truffles
just the right portion for beef tartare :)))))
guess wat wine did JS ordered :))))))))
Gaja Sori San Lorenzo, Babaresco 2005
enuff to throw me and everyone else off their seats

nose was fruity at the beginning, then mellowed down to a leathery and tarred nose
palatte was somewat this baby can keep for another 15 more years
yep the serial number...who wanna buy numbers?
Risotto with cheese and Tartufo Bianco
yes same question here, where's the risotto????
yep whenever u r in Milan, risotto is a's their specialty
lurve the way Chef Cracco did it, with such excellent texture and every grain has absorbed all its stocks
Tagliatelle in butter sauce with white truffles
the color of the pasta was enuff to kill me softly..
OMG!!! u can actually taste the eggs....after this dinner, me no want dried tagliatelle anymore
and then our main arrived
veal with chanterelle and white truffles *of coz*
supposed I was so overwhelmed with the carbs, I forgotten bout its tasting notes
finally, dessert came of white chocolate, cream, and tartufo bianco!!!
the thought of having dessert with truffles was....weird.
suppose we had had enuff truffles by now...hahaha

it was a dinner whereby it changed my perception of white truffles
JS: "U only take white truffles now -_-"
Monkey: "well at least I do take it now!!!"

JS: "Do u know tat white truffles cost a lot more???? u so discerning wor!!!!!"
hmmm hehehhe I didn't know tat.

White Truffles degustation Euro 270 each = RM 1,350 each
the amazing Babaresco was Euro 700 = RM 3,500
kept telling myself...dun convert dun convert dun convert

we'll definitely return to Cracco for more :))))))))

Ristorante Cracco
Via Victor Hugo,
4 20123 Milano.
Tel: +39 02 876 774

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