Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jibby & Co, Empire Subang

JS bought this shirt for himself from Uniqlo Japan. There's so many fun designs over there, not to mention its really affordable price tags. I call this shirt the most EVIL of all evil rabbits...hahahahaha. We can spend so much of time at Uniqlo goin from floors to floors browsing. There's even golf shirts and kids section/floor. Their flagship store in Ginza has got a customisation section where you could purchase buttons, studs, beads, pearls, linings, ribbons to re-customise your Uniqlo products.

Monkey is taking a break from all her Japan posting but somehow she's still talking about Japan and Uniqlo hahahaha. So on a lazy Sunday morning, both of us decided to give this controversial establishment a try. It's actually controversial bcoz of its name. Hahahaha nothing more...no naked waiters *as much as I wished*

Eggs florentine on turkish bread with wilted spinach and sautee-ed mushrooms.

This is actually a variation of the original egg benedict coz the later usually have got ham or bacon or both. Hahahaha. This place is halal so no oink oink are served here.

The hollandaise sauce was pretty balance with the fragrant of lemon juice. Generous amount of mushrooms and spinach. Pretty good I must say.

Summer salad
with cold watermelon bursting in your mouth, sweet craisins *dried cranberries*, aragula, basils, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes....some toasted pine nuts...all dressed in a very simple balsamic olive oil vinaigrette.

I lurve this simple salad so much that I made some for work :))) 

JS needed his carbo bcoz he's gonna play golf.....did he? I kinda forgotten which day he golfed. Unlike my fitness class which is like fixed. He said it wasn't bad for such a busy kitchen.

Yeah despite its silly name Jibby & Co, this place is power packed with a waiting list of one hour....thankfully we were early and got seats immediately. Our dearie friends who came later for their brunch was stuck with an hour waiting list. I don't think we could wait that long.

Chef hailed from Sabah with working experience in Melbourne hence his food is pretty aussie-ish. Oh well that explains why every bread is a Turkish bread hahaha. Melbourne has got so many immigrants from Greece, Vietnam, Macedonia, China, India, Sri Lanka, South East Asia, Middle East and UK. Hence their cuisine over there is really multicultural super diverse to the max. If you were wondering how did the 3 important races live in Malaysia....try thinking Melbourne.

Anyway this place isn't bad, couldn't find fauly *not like we intend to*. Service was surprisingly friendly and chill despite the crazy packed hours. We will definitely return. :))

Jibby & Co
GK11, Empire Shopping Gallery,
Subang Jaya,
Tel: 603 5613 7070

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