Monday, June 23, 2014

Mee Mee's Birthday @ KLGCC

Shell Shell, Monkey, Nee Lee, Mee Mee ber-posing-posing tak habis habis
kakakakakaka coz someone once said, if u can't play, at least u must have the poise.

Birthday gal wanted to try to hit some balls for the very first time and so all roomies woke up early on Saturday morning and car-pool-ed their way to the driving range.

Along, we brought our sifu bcoz without him, none of us would be able to hit and swing anything. Sweet JS was so nice to spare some time with 4 chitter chatters giggly loud roomies.
Shell Shell and Mee Mee was like WAHHHHHH
Si Fu's ball was so high and far as the eyes could see
Shell Shell said she swung a club before......with her Nintendo Wii.
JS -_-"
Oh well darlin that doesn't count ok. 

and so Shell Shell had her very first REAL swing instead of a virtual one. She said the feeling is so different. Hahaha of coz of coz. It's like playing Cooking Mama on my iPhone vs REAL COOKING. :P

Birthday Gal Mee Mee was practising her swing minus the club. Lurve her new pair of shoes. Since now everyone has got sports shoes, perhaps we should engage in more out-door activities.

and now Nee Lee's turn......and she address the ball so seriously....hahaha. All the "students" were told watever they swing, just make sure the club doesn't fly out and injure other people. :P

It wasn't easy to get everything right. From the grip to the posture...let's not even go to the swing part. JS himself declared he's not a good coach so if everyone is serious, we should just get a proper coach instead. I didn't expect my roomies to pick up golf after a short crash course like this.
and so our dearie coach was explaining and explain and explained....the momentum, the natural down swing, the slow up swing, the contact, the push, the whip bla bla bla yada yada yada....all the students were absorbing like sponge. Mine was already hard like stone, can't input anything when it comes to golf.
after a few hundred's time to do our favourite past-time...MAKAN!!! LOL Shell lurves the rendang and she looked so cute in this pic :)))

Nee Lee had trouble looking for a collar t-shirt but she managed to somehow. Woohoooo :)))) Later we were bz browsing for really old pics. Like pics of us 16 years ago~~~~ gosh that was really long long long time ago and she insisted that she's prettier now...hahahaha.

All of us looked so nerdy back in university...oh well who doesn't? 


No matter how much we have changed in looks, Monkey was still the nottiest one since uni years. I have cocked eye in this pic....time to see an eye doctor about this.

Happy Birthday Mee Mee dearest!!!
May u alwiz look like you are 18 :))))

and seriously after our short crash course, we may consider to pick up golf....hahahaha Wish us luck :)))


Dee said...

love your outfit here! so fresh ^^

CHER-RY said...

Thank you Dee :)

yeah tarak substance so at least have to look good and pretend to be a pro innit. Hahahaha.