Monday, June 30, 2014

Welcome home dinner gathering

Appetizer of japanese cucumber with bamboo pith in a sesame soy sauce.

the V's hosted a "welcome home" to motherland for all their friends. So a few of us came back from playing golf at Los Angeles, samba-ing in Brazil, another was flying round the world with the best airlines on A380 suite class coz he works with an airline, while Monkey & JS just landed in Malaysia less than 24 hours ago from Japan.

V was very apologetic about this lil gathering bcoz he said he doesn't really know where to take us out for dinner. But all of us were rather happy to have chinese food!!!! afterall it's at Noble House :)))

While waiting for the other guests to arrive, we were chomping on small bites. This was extremely delicious - Octopus Fish Cake with spicy Thai dipping sauce.

We used to patron this place at least once a week when we were staying a few steps away. Now that we have moved outta KL, Noble House seems so faraway.

Once everyone was seated, dinner was served swiftly with an extremely hot claypot of sharkfin soup. Now we only believed in sustainable sharkfins - Australia has started this, where the fishes/sharks are caught like any normal fish, and each part of the fish is consumed instead of wasted.

However Starwoods chains of hotels and resorts, together with Hilton and Peninsula worldwide have stopped serving sharkfins.

stir fry edamame beans with tiny crispy shrimps and anchovies. Pardon me for the quality of all the pics....either I was too tipsy or too shaky due to hungers to snap proper pics.

oh piggie!!!! come to momma!!!!
I must say Noble House makes one of the best suckling pig. I guess it oso depends on who ordered it bcoz there's different chefs/si fu grilling it. Very taxing and it's done manually, over slow charcoal fire to delivers an even crispy skins all over its body

Usually serve with soft warm man tou bun and sweet sauce

the perfectly grilled piglet must not have too much of fat/oil underneath its skin so choosing the right piglet is important from their regular suppliers. I could have wallop the entire piglet myself :P
Next was a steamed fish, forgotten wat type of fish this is. This was confirmed steamed, coz many chinese restaurants these days "boil" their fish esp during banquet. Well do u think they have THAT MANY steamers to be able to serve like 50 tables of steamed fish concurrently?
yumms so delicate soft and sweet. With a subtle sauce to pair with. You don't wanna drown such beautiful fish with a heavy sauce don't ya?

What is this????
believe it or not it was the leftover of the suckling pig, re-fried with salt and pepper flour. This was way better than KFC!!!!! Check out the jaw with teeth :P

Hokkien mee!!! this was rather rare esp at Noble House but by request from the host, just for a guest who has been stationed in Singapore way too many years that he needed a good fix of KL style hokkien mee. This noodle was laden with so many "pork corns" aka pork lards. 

then another bowl came out with more crispy pork lards
it was really good bcoz it was made fresh. Usually the pork lards we have out there isn't quite that fresh, u could smell the oil. This was one so fragrant...~~~~~ slurp 

Homemade Soy and Egg Toufu with green seaweed innit, hence the toufu is slightly green. Served with soft gelatinous Sea Cucumber on top, green spinach on its side. This dish was outstanding that I am gonna order it in the future.

The wines were even more outstanding.....9 bottles for the 9 of us. It was a Monday nite and I don't really know how I drove home alone after that.

Moochi with so much of crushed toasted peanuts. I'm not really a fan so I didn't try this :P

but I had so much of fruits...hahahaha...

Thank you to Victor and Viola for hosting such a fabulous dinner, only u guys know wat yummy outta the menu food to order. I don't even know wat are the dishes called, will just show the captain these pics next time for easy references.

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