Friday, June 27, 2014

Abusing myself

These are pics compilation from my friends whom have been embarking on the same journey as Miss Monkey....self-inflicted injuries.....

at every corner of our bodies...
nope we do not have drugs or alcohol problem...errr alcohol maybe but not to such extend that wanna do self-harm. And no, we do not have mental illness!!!

I dun even know how did we create such zebra lines injuries into the calves.

this one is pretty normal. I get this all the time

sometimes it's in such weird order like leopard spots. I have no idea how did we do it. So why have we been abusing ourselves????

All in the love for Fit Pole.
Yeah my team mates refused to have their faces featured here so I had to crop them out.

We have started Fit Pole for about 4 months now...actually I would say less bcoz of absenteeism due to travels, work, vacation...tee hee hee...Instructor has been -_-" bcoz we are the worse class ever. Never seems to be able to have a full class coz everyone is away either in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland or Japan.

but we are loving it so much that we are so determined to graduate from our Beginner class *at least*. Hahahaha. what started out as a joke now ended up something so serious, even when we had cruises everywhere on our bodies...wearing a beautiful dress or shorts ain't the same anymore with those ugly patches.'s worth it :)))
so wish us luck!!!!


Choi Yen said...

So many ladies on one pole O.O LOL

CHER-RY said...

Choi Yen: Yeah surprisingly the pole was still standing....kakakaka