Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sincere Watch Academy

I was digging through the picture bank and realised I've forgotten
to blog bout such an important event
and it was ermmm quite some time ago.
Bosses fr Singapore, Switzerland and Cute Teddy Bear watchmaker
flown in from Switzerland
he looked a bit chinese though
20 privileged watch collectors were invited for this special preview
*but 43 came*
on the construction of the legendary collection the Golden Bridge
Cute Teddy Bear doin demonstration in french
Monkey and bosses
I looked so tired can die
should have wore a mock glasses to look more...ahem like a teacher
coz Monkey was presenting all the museum pieces in her white satin glove
yea museum pieces means one and only one piece in the world of each design
money can't buy :))))))

Guest: "Can I hold them?"
Monkey: "No....can see only..."
nope I absolutely didn'y say that :P
how u wished...:P
they can hold as long as they wear a glove
one of its kind movement
Hopefully we can hold another watch academy like this for avid collectors

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