Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nee Lee's Birthday Celebration

Nee Lee & Mee Mee
looking so cute and sweet as hell together

Last Sunday Shell Shell organised a Karaoke Happy Hour
for the birthday gal and us...
and most of all turned up late...erm coz couldn't find the place
there's a set lunch menu and Monkey dived into her sweet + sour fish
Shell Shell, Nee Lee, Mee Mee
singing Happy Birthday at the same time
the roomies
hold it there for the camera~~~~
Alamak...forgot to snap a pic before she cuts it
Upacara MOU *memorandum of understanding* of the white shirt for choir
Nee Lee was so eppy eppy coz she desperately needed a new white tee for choir
guess Shell Shell can do mind read..hehehe
Monkey got a BookBinder design for Nee Lee to scribble her poetries and thoughts
Nee Lee: "Oh BEE REE, I lurve it!!!!!"
Monkey: "Yes I know but u dun have to crush me!!!"
and a cute ladybird card :))))))))))))
and then it was Mee Mee's turn
oh!! that's a beautiful tea set
Nee Lee & Mee Mee
I still recalled both of them lurve to stare at the PC with a cup of Milo and a plate of cookies
all the time.....could be morning/afternoon/evening/nite/midnite/early morning
Shell Shell with an attitude
I like :)))
Mee Mee can really sing..
her vocal range is pretty wide from low to high notes
Shell Shell wanna have the mic
hey babe, it's not food
oh yes Nee Lee celebrated the big three O

u r officialy no longer same age with us
but we lurve u as hell

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