Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Melbourne to KUL

that was Monkey 3 months ago
busy chomping on her meat pie at MAS lounge in Melbourne Airport
she can never resist food
even before a flight, need to makan
flight was bout 8 hours
australia is so flat huh?
when are we goin to fly with the new A380????
anyone out there tried the A380 yet???
Monkey & Berr enjoying inflight services and entertainment......
while the other one busy zzzzzziiinnnnkkkk-ing
miles high satay
it's alwiz a treat and I had 2 rounds
*JS slapping his forehead*
I dunno wat miserable lobster & potato salad was this
chicken errrr kurma i think
dessert was some tart which I didn't touch :P
next time dun take...waste food only
Australia is so barren huh?
it's the largest island on its own and is a continent
but I think 70% of its land can't be inhabitated
look!!! it's all dessert down there....
then it was supper - MEAT PIE
arghhhh can I have pork pie instead?

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