Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marie Claire: Women of Substance 2009

Monkey & Beautiful CS
gosh it's been months....and I'll be attending another Marie Claire event this evening
so it makes sense to post bout this one first :P
Baby Wei & No-Longer-Available-JH

No Longer Available: "dun want pic...I shy"
JH: "But since Monkey insist, I'll pout more"

erm well he didn't say that

we FORCED him to snap a pic with Baby Wei & Sweet Devil Rachel
Beautiful CS, Hawt Babe Shen, Sweet Devil Rachel, Monkey
after a few drinks, this was how it looked like~~~~~

it's raining now....
*yawn yawn*


JH said...

Gosh!?! When was this???

CHER-RY said...

No Longer Available JH: Been attending too many events huh? It was August I think.....ahem...