Monday, October 26, 2009

Doc's Birthday Celebration @ Gunther's

It was our *us Malaysian* first time dining at Gunther's
but he's no stranger to us during his glorious day at Les Amis Singapore
had alwiz enjoyed his creation
tempura of baby langoustine *was it?*
served with truffles *gah!*
Chef Gunther's specialty - the surgical clinical cold cappelini
served with Sevruga Caviar + Truffles
only at our first course, Doc already presented a very stunning wine
the color was beautiful
nose and palate was between MSD and a Chambolle
It was a 1980 Bonnes Mares

is it my birthday or his birthday now?
grilled razor clam with some grains on top...
it was delightful
hmmmm.....longing for this again
Chef Gunther's specialty - the "egg"
another specialty of his - spicy pasta with japanese shrimp
beautiful chandelier in the private room
Si Fu Lawrence busy at work......on a Friday nite
this was my main - kurobuta pork with pasta
the other main was lamb rack with couscous
Shawn and Bagaholic Tracie
I had such a lovely weekend shopping with her :))))))))))
Emily and the kids....busy with Blackberry and iphone
the men were discussing bout wines
apa lagi?
flamming chateaubriand
burning its way to the table
chateaubriand is a very thick cut of tenderloin and usually serves two
but this was enuff for my whole week of supply!!!!
sliced to perfection with a triangle piece of fat
and served with grilled corn and reduced butter sace
the bone :-))) with flakes of sea salt
pink on the other side
banana dessert with crispy funky stuffs on top
can't remember served with wat ice cream
"Daddy how do I operate this camera?"
Happy Birthday Daddy, Love Shawn + Leanne
Birthday kiss
the makan minum gang
everyone was waiting for the cake to be cut
hold it for photography session
hold your breath....hold...and voila
our petit four
wat a head turner
its vintage alone can scare sommeliers away
esp enjoyed the Bonnes Mares + Chambertin

Thank you Doc for the scrumptious evening
It was unforgettable :)))

36 Purvis Street,
Tel: +65 6338 8955

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