Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Akashi Japanese Restaurant, Orchard Parade Hotel

J&J James and Jelina hosted this dinner at the famous Akashi
we walked fr Marriott to Orchard Parade Hotel which took less than 5 minutes
and entered into the wrong Jap restaurant
went into Akanoya Robatayaki instead

somehow the friendly staff escorted us to Akashi which was just next door
anyway both restaurants are under the same group.
God of Eateary looking surprised there
I was even more surprised when I dun see his cameras, lenses, tripod, gadgets and tools around.

"where are your wives and girlfriends?"
*reminder: Amy the actual girlfriend has been relegated to Flatmate Amy*

GOE: "This evening, u take pic....and blog bout it."
oooo okie lor.
we started off with japanese snail in light soyu
and the usual edamame's supposed to be a SIMPLE dinner
everyone did TRY to stick to the SIMPLE theme.
from simple dressing to simple wines and simple food.
but when this Chambertin presented itself onto the counter
everyone fainted
and simplicity lost its meaning that evening.

wei...if we are drinking like this....die nothing else to drink already.
gonna be wine-famine soon.
fresh and sweet scallops fr Hokkaido?
sweet small tomatoes fr Japan
Isetan Spore is selling them, 3 pcs for SGD 18.50
lobster sashimi
hello buddy, dun look at me like this....with dopey eyes
I'm gonna eat u now!!!
top quality sashimi must go with top quality champagne
we dun even drink grand cuvee now....must drink with vintage.
this one lagi die!!! next time no more champagne to drink!!!
it was early into the evening, and wines + champagnes already lining up
squid with mentaiko
mentaiko is a type of cured fish eggs
crunchylicious shell fish served on the scallop shell
J&J James and JS sharing some serious discussion there
must be talking bout wines -_-
Si Fu Lawrence said his face is so red
but I think it's more of WHITE
next course - all the freshly prepared fish on a piece of bamboo leave
which was also flown in fr Japan.
with burdock roots and pickled ginger fr Japan
i hated the pink local tasted so fake
die....everything also must be at its highest quality.
next time no other places to eat liao.
every single piece that came out were instructed to eat without sauce nor soyu
think this was the hiramasa
lurve these small japanese shrimps fried with batter
norwegian ocean trout dusted with yuzu skin
look how fat it fats are good for your health
omega oil
kekekekekkeke so can eat more
Chef Mervin working in such passionate mood
and kept on feeding us with more food
sushi of flounder fins which was my fav part of the fish
coz it has this crunchy texture
would u just stare at the ROE of a sea urchin?
GOE brought this
he's the RHONE time dunnit to blind us....know that it has got to be a Rhone wine
1988 I was my lollie dress running around like a notti monkey
didn't know a simple crab claw like this could be so delicious
Bagaholic Tracie chomping on the crab claw with her beautiful multi precious stone ring
then came 2 GIGANTIC piece of TORO - belly of the tuna fish
GAH!!! no TORO for me!!!!
look at the fats!!! look at its colour!!! it's almost raw porkie-liked
egg cake-liked thingy with AKASHI's brand on top
it was weird coz it's SWEET
Bagaholic Tracie & Monkey
the gay partners
Si Fu Lawrence & JS
Si Fu was messing with Bagaholic's red specs and trying to look like a gay architect????
then it was his turn...erm looked like gay urm hmmmmm I dunno :P
then came highlight of the nite!!!
the highly prized and rare Matsusaka
with the highest fat to meat ratio
Flatmate Amy & GOE
head of the lobster were made into a yummy soup
special rice topped with eggs and seaweed
and all the yummy beefy goodies underneath
yeah all the beef FATS
Ann Liat, Yik Wee, Flatmate Amy, GOE
Happy ppl after a happy meal...kekekekeke
happy Chef Mervin...errrr how come he's not looking happy here?
Bagaholic Tracie and Si Fu Lawrence
awesome beautiful wines....thank u ppl!!!!!
kyoho ice cream!!!!
interpretation of ICE KACANG
ice and kacang
stuffed Monkey and JS
thank you to host J&J James and Jelina
it was an awesome jap nite!!!

Akashi Japanese Restaurant
1 Tanglin Road, #01-01Am
Orchard Parade Hotel,
Singapore 247905.
Tel: +65 6732 4438


licheng said...

ohhhhhh the uni (sea urchin roe)..i love those!

sweet egg cake like thingy is called tamagoyaki :)

js said...

this is really grand cru jap dining!!!! can't say i ever had anything finer than this place.....txs J&J :)

mef said...

Did Berr go to Singapore? Seems to be missing from the Jap restaurant.

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: oooooo now I know wat it's called. TQ :)

JS: must go again k :)

Mef: YES Mef!!! Berr was in spore....but he was sleeping on the comfy Marriott's bed when we were dining :P kekekekkekeke