Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dinner at LV Elaine

fillings for the popiah
yep it was still the same Sunday
where we had our hokkien mee, lunch at LV Elaine...then scones at Dandenong
then back home for dinner.

The Yeows can really cook + eat
big stomachs they have there
I can't even wrap one...look at how Alamak Jeremy did it
I Ching, Alamak Jeremy, Cuppy Cake Jennifer
assembling line for our popiahs
all neatly wrapped and ready to be fried
everyone were busy doing their own duties
JS was busy snapping pic
JS: "wah restaurant city in Melbourne!!!"

Monkey -_-

*restaurant city is a game I played in Facebook*
Blue Cilies Linh with a beautiful bouquet of.............
it was lettuce :)))))))
Prince C was made to work too
erm more like he had to clean the glasses so he can start the wines flowing
well many ppl said I'm a perfectionist...and they can't stand it
wait till u go to LV Elaine's home
her wardrobe was so tidy and arranged by category
her pantry was in perfect order
i think she used a ruler to arrange the cutleries
that made her a very good merchandiser
an asset to Louis Vuitton
fresh italian parsley from Chili Queen's garden
these two fell in love on that day and can't be apart for a second..........
I lurve olives
the Cypriots taught me how to eat em
I missed Cyprus's olives
hot fr the oven
BLACK bread???
made fr carbon..
can we eat CARBON????
but it was delicious :)))))
Guest Chef Mr. JS made alio olio which was wiped out in 2 seconds
Hokkien Mee King & Chili Queen
wat a match, both has their own forte
*Si Fu Lawrence looked like his mommy eh?*
Alamak Jeremy, Cuppy Cake Jennifer, Blue Chili Linh
all ready to tuck in
mee hoon + the deconstructed beautiful bouquet of lettuce
golden crispy pork spring rolls
u lay em like this
and drizzle with the homemade sauce
and wham the whole thing into your mouth
well not actually....:P
u savour em bite by bite
*smack lips*
JS made another forte of his.....egg and proscioutto pasta
esp the 4.5 minutes or was it 4.75 minutes egg?
can't remember, Monkey only knows how to eat
as we above were lip smackin and oooo aah-ing...
Luscious Lulu was in frantic
coz there was no sight of food for her!!!!
Luscious LuLu: "need food....foood....foood."
and gave me her "ker-lian" look
oh plsss....dun come and beg fr me!!!!
go to your mommy!!!!
Chili Queen made an awesome beef rendang
rendang?!?!?? in Australia!!! wow I was so happy and kicking away
rendang and fragrant basmati rice....
in winter...
aaAAAaaaaa HEAVEN!!!!!
as though the Durians had fallen on that day *durian runtuh*
Chili Queen presented another dish of hers.....sambal petai prawn!!!!
Monkey went ecstatic!!!
LV Elaine also made this excellent pork stock miso soup
everyone were seen huggin their tummies here
including me....WAKKAKAKAKA
but dinner ain't over without dessert
Cuppy Cake Jennifer made these panna cotta in exotic chinese tea cup
drizzled with symphony of berries
I almost had a 2nd cup when I saw more trays of dessert coming outta the kitchen
sliced and diced fruits?
dark chocolate??
hehhehehe apa lagi!!!! so it was a yummy messy dessert
soft spongy cake
Blue Chili Linh made a lime tart
look at that!!!! so custardy and smooth
it melted in the mouth
Chili Queen also made a rhubarb turnover cake!!!!

wow all these desserts deserve a standing ovation
but I couldn't stand coz my stomach was too heavy
the 2 love bird
Luscious Lulu was so manja
she almost followed Prince C home

It was an awesome and serious dinner
thank u ppl for hosting and cooking
we Msians had such a tummy-bulous time!!!

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