Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vue de Monde by Shannon Bennett

Shannon Bennett is one of the most acclaimed chef in Australia
Vue de Monde is not Melbourne's top restaurant
but Australia's No.1 restaurant
Vue de Monde offers dining experience that cannot be created.
I Ching & Monkey
Monkey was so dissappointed when she was put on waiting list
so lesson learnt again and yet again
pls book 2 months ahead.
esp during peak time.
*I booked 2 weeks ahead only :P*
there is no menu at Vue de Monde
U EAT wat CHEF cooks ok???
*does... "u eat wat I cook" sounds familiar now?*
Laguiole cutleries
scallop served on its shell with its jus in the glass
sea conch or was it abalone with berluga caviar and some refreshing root vegetables
we went for the 9 course meal
well that's the smallest meal, otherwise the next course would be 14!!!!
this was superb!!!!
porcini mushroom juices made into gnocchis-like
it was soft, slippery almost the softest thing I've ever put into my mouth
the moment i put one small worm-liked gnocchis
into my burst into a kaleidoscope of mushroom flavours


30 seconds later, everyone were nibbling fr my plate
coz everyone else had risotto with loads of truffles
monkey no eat truffles
*covered her nose*
JS had a special dish

earlier on:
Maitre D: "bla bla bla bla bla bla bla any dietary peference bla bla bla bla"
Monkey: "the other 2 eats truffles for me...and no poultry for him."
I forgot wat he had :P
it came with an oyster
while we had foie gras mousse served with an excellent french toasted brioche + parma
this one was seriously a killer!!!
looked so simple and yet so tasty
JS: "Hey but I eat foie gras......" *pouts*
Monkey: "Next time tell them no poultry but foie gras can..."

JS: "Can i steal some fr your plate???"
apa ini???
the lid was lifted and the smell of smoked fish came.....
then the Maitre D explained it was a special trout confit in oil at a certain temperature
served with an edible charcoal to give it its flavour.
ooooo so this was the edible charcoal..
see it's still burning..
the taste was like erm....very bbq-ish
out came a martini glass
with something inside..
then Maitre D poured a contained which was frozen at -8 degrees
yes MINUS 8!!!!
and the result was formed on top of the lil red ball
JS & Prince C
I forgot to snap pic of the wonderful wine we had -_-
it was a stunning wine which stunned even the sommelier
duck breast with 2 special meat balls, contained some yummy secrets inside
separated by green apple crisp...topped with hazelnut cream and cherry-liked thingy with liquor
this dish is weird~~~~
since someone can't have poultry he HAD ROAST PORK
*not fair not fair not fair*
then it was my turn to steal fr his plate
served with a special jus in a tube
when we thought the dinner is almost over...the main dish came
lamb done 2 ways
I couldn't finish this lamb.....
Maitre D insist that I tell him wat's wrong with it
there's nothing wrong...just that my stomach can't accommodate
my stuffed face :P
kiwi and mango sorbet!!!
the yellow kiwi on stick was frozen
wrapped with a thin layer of gelatine....u get that sorbet-ish texture once u bite into it
*somebody on the background enjoying his like a kiddo*
a deconstructed pinacolada I suppose
there's pineapple and coconut, painted on the plate
I dunno where to begin....
do u eat fr the bottom to the top or vice versa?
seriously it tasted like coconut....kekekekkekee
oh there's another dessert!!!!!
small lil basil adorned the white chocolate top
Maitre D then poured basil oil on it
it melted the top and flowed straight into those fresh strawberies!!!!!
didn't know basil and strawberries paired so well
we almost pengsan-ed when the last dessert was presented
souffle outta its mould!!!
how did he do it????
how do u get it outta its ramekin????
in the center, chocolate oozes out~~~~~
gawdddd it was such an orgasmic dinner
next time must try the 14 course degustation menu
I lurve the idea "u eat wat I cook"
heeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

9 course degustation at AUD 250 per head
about RM 750

Vue du Monde
Normandy Chambers,
430 Little Collins Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000.
Tel: +61 3 9691 3888

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