Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Back from trips

Stunning impromptu photo taken by Mr. JS :))))

We were passing by the harbour and AquaLuna was just round the corner picking up some guests. JS quickly clicked his shutters and he got such stunning results. When will I ever be able to emulate his nonchalant-ness. I guess you can't have it, u need to own certain qualities in life.

It has been really productive short trips, from Singapore for work and then off to Hong Kong for the weekend. Has been quite a beautiful journey for me, *the work trip* and I came back feeling even more passionate bout my job. Guess it's no longer a job, it's not even passion...I am infatuated by it.

Oh gawd, it's only my 3rd month.....I eat, drink, breathe, sleep and even dream about my career. And can never ever stop talking about it....but best of all, JS entertained all my deep talks and discussions. He's the best :)))) thank you and u will alwiz be number 1 in my life.  :)))

Trip to Hong Kong was also an impromptu one, with not many places left to visit that is within 3-4 hours flight max from Msia, that has got culture and good food and also with less tourists on Wesak day hence Thailand was already out of question. Due to the recent anti-Hong Kong and anti-China protests among these two, guess who visits Hong Kong now??? It's the Kimchi Koreans!!!! So we saw many beautiful reconstructed porcelain-skinned human beings walking around with selfie-sticks in the island. We should have photograph these beautiful human beings but was more bz indulging on the food instead. Hehehehee.

Have you been on Aqualuna? If you have not, it would be quite an experience though it's may been touristy for some of you :))

Check out the posting of our lil cruise back in 2010 *click here*
How time flies :))) so pls do have some patience, as we are busy sorting out more photos from our recent trips for future postings...also bz sorting out work :))) But both are alwiz with pleasure never pressure. That should be the way of life :))))

Have a amazing week there everyone :)))

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