Monday, April 27, 2015

Prestigious Mein....

Sweet Devil Rachel, Beautiful CS, Monkey and Prestigious Mein

Gawd....this pic was like ages ago....can't remember the year...could be circa 2009? but we definitely knew each other like way way way way away way before that. Oh well, old habits just stuck with you for the rest of ur life - referring to my glass of champagne and I recalled, we were drinking Veuve Clicquot. I know, sometimes my memory never fail to amaze myself...I can remember small lil details but not where I left my keys. LOL!!!
Sexay Back Maggie, Prestigious Mein and Beautiful CS
taken at Sweet Devil Rachel's wedding in 2011. I think I'll be receiving some calls later for posting all these old pics...>.< I call it, walking down the memory lane....
Prestigious Mein hosted a steamboat dinner at her home a few years ago and we ate so much that we eventually looked like fishballs...hiak hiak hiak
Sweet Devil Rachel, Sexay Back Maggie and Prestigious Mein

Steamboat again???? this time at Stadium Negara Steamboat along Jln Yap Kwan Seng. I dunno wat's with us and steamboat...hahahahaha.
and we had steamboat for her was just a lil farewell and good luck for Prestigious Mein who is heading to Singapore for work. We were all so so very happy for her :))))

Nope, they were not fact we were working on our phone to cross checks details on instagrams. From the faces u know it's all about work. hehehehehe

All of us are in PR and publications, hence social media is seriously part of the job. It was also our job nature, that brought all of us together.....and became friends :)))
Brian C, Sweet Devil Rachel, BCBG Amy, Beautiful CS
Cat, Prestigious Mein, Sexay Back Maggie, Monkey

All the best babe!! and may you have a smooth sailing career in the land of Kiasu. We for sure, will miss you a lot. Take care!!! Hugs.

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