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One cannot miss this stunning looking shop along Rue St Honore. The oldest French trunk maker since 1849. Moynat is a legacy on its own, producing handmade, made to order, customised luggage and trunks for the royal family and aristocrats. It's almost an institute in France for so many generations.

The family owns Moynat until 1976. It then went through many other hands before LVMH bought it in 2010. This was when Moynat was reborn....with a vengeance I must say. Coz it seems that everyone wants Moynat now :))) I am happy to find pop up store in Japan and Hong Kong and soon it received such overwhelming response that concrete presence was much needed. Now Moynat has got gallery and permanent shop in Asia. :))))

Whatever it is, one must must visit its main atelier and boutique at Rue St Honore. It was so important that this "activity" was listed in our itinerary to JS rolling his eyes.

JS: "We will walk past there anyway!!! coz u wanna buy this and buy that."
Monkey: "Like u not gonna spend time there everyday?? Afterall u'll be looking at wat's new inside Goyard everyday."

oh well, reasons why we are staying within walking distance from Chanel mother store and Goyard's only store in Paris. So u see, Monkey isn't that inconsiderate, she even made sure our accommodation was so strategic even for Master JS who oso insisted that Lafayette must also be around the corner. Okie got u boss.
Train Clutch, designed by Pharrell Williams....yes u read that right, the very same famous and talented Happppppyyyy Pharrell Williams. Such an exquisite clutch!!!!

Beyonce was recently spotted carrying it. Truly an "Object of Desire"
Nope, Monkey couldn't afford this

Mr. Williams seated among all the vintage trunks by Moynat, holding his train clutch.

Moynat boutique looked suspended from its exterior, 2 retail floors, of ohhhhh-ahhhhh-I-want-all-of them but nothing is for sale.

Monkey thought so hard and really hard and decided she's OK to part so much of money for a briefcase but we gotta wait 6 months for it, as it's custom-made and of coz made to order.
:"((( okie money then

Readers should know me by now....I will never step out without having anything in my hands. I am that persistent, once set out to do *or buy* something, it has to be executed. 

Since Pharrell Williams limited collection was just launched a few days ago when we visited Moynat, the entire boutiques were showered with trains and more trains. JS suggested that I get this cute lil train clutch instead. Hmmmm now so many colors, which one to choose from? :))))

It's so cute right? Reminded me of my childhood in lollie dresses when I was drawing trains with fat crayons. Hahahaha

Anyway JS was right, don't think I can afford anything that I only like half heartedly with stocks availability in the boutique at that time. Next I was bz checking every colors availability, that best match me hehehehehe. It was only launched a few days ago and most of the colors were still available. Hooray!!!
I think Orange is the best color for me :))))) Have yet to use the choo-choo train :))) will find an occasion to. I know it's very pricey but it's a Moynat.

Right after my purchase, I received an email from Moynat...oh wow that's really good customer relations management. :)))) and last Friday, I bought something from Louis Vuitton KLCC and right after they swiped my card, ping I received a thank you email with a copy of my receipt in pdf. Wow such efficiency. :))))

right now, I am happy to be part of the journey in LVMH group :)) If u gonna sell ur soul to something, u better make sure it's worth it. Same goes to food and wines, if u gonna put calories into that body of yours, better make sure it's worth every single cal!!!

For more information on the beautiful handmade Moynat trunk, please visit.

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