Monday, April 13, 2015

Breakfast room service @ The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto

We woke up with the sun blazing through our eyes as we did not draw the blinds to zzzZZZzzz. Just wanted to wake up to this stunning view of the mountains. There were still sights of snow on the mountain, afterall winter was still around the corner.

Sometimes I do wished I am living in a country with 4 seasons and wonderful weather like this :))) It's not just about the dressing up but more so of the seasonal fresh produce that u get. The different marine produce, vegetables, roots and fruits :)))

Monkey is blessed to have visited Japan throughout all these seasons, oh well maybe except Spring. Coz it's usually never a time to visit Japan during this time period due to my work. Now that I've changed my job, April may be quite feasible to visit Japan. :)))
When you ordered toast, u dun expect them to carry the entire stainless steel toaster to ur room and prepare it on the spot for you right??? It was quite a breakfast setup....all while Monkey was busy brushing her teeth and doin her biz.

oh wat do we have here.....
some fresh greens with peas salad on the side....4 different types of jam, 2 types of salad dressing....freshly made yogurt, a pitcher of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, coffee....

2 poached fresh farm eggs, homemade sausages and grilled vege.....and oh yes a small platter of fruits.

Not forgetting pastries on the side from Pierre Herme bakery....this was heavenly...flaky, buttery, with just the right sweetness to it.

how do u poach eggs without having imperfection on its white?

okie....where do we start now???
I suppose consuming food should be my expertise by now :)))

the bomb was just the eggs...I wouldn't even say the yolks is yellow...
it's more of deep orange the extend that it's RED. Scary but true...the flavour and aroma was oh can eggs be this excellent? I don't know. In its menu, it did mention it was from some specific poultry farm in Kyoto, but I did not take note, hence forgotten its name. My bad.....

and it's Monday today. As I drove to town for work, I saw one of the most beautiful sunrise over the silhouette of twin towers, then I exclaimed to myself alone in the car "Ohhhh it's so beautiful" and gave myself the widest smile. So I hope my dear readers will have a beautiful week ahead to :))) Remember you make your day happen!! and I'm just gonna do that now :)))

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