Monday, April 06, 2015

BIG Breakfast @ Beniya Mukayu Ryokan

Early morning rise and shine~~~~

Such a beautiful stunning tree outside the terrace. But it was too cold to go outside to admire this pine tree, so we just did it inside the comfort of the dining hall. I couldn't remember what was the temperature but enuff for ice to form. And if it rains, there will be snow~~~ brrrrrrRRRRrrrrr
we don't call it BIG breakfast for nothing...definitely bigger than the usual BIG BREAKFAST @ McDonald's. Anyway I'm not a fan of McD. The only consumptions were mostly done at international airports or if there's some special burger like the one I had in Switzerland *click here to read about it*

The staffs here actually took the trouble to draw this with explanation. Hahahahah. Japanese breakfast definitely beats any other big breakfast in the world that we had :))))
We were offered fresh juice for breakfast, and it's cold pressed. It has become a craze these days to only consume cold pressed juices for this process retains the vitamins instead of killing them with heat. We selected 2 shots each, of Oba Leaf with green apple, and grape fruits with oranges. Refreshing way to start the day especially we were so hungry after jumping into the hot onsen early in the morning.

Do not underestimate this tiny platter of vegetables. It was powerpacked with flavours, from the super sweet tomatoes to the delicious radish and OMG the carrots....I've never tasted carrots like this, except in Japan. The sweetness and flavours intensity were so amazing it left u wondering how? why?

and u don't eat ur vegetables without we have the ponzu, miso and vinaigrette dressing for us to choose. All were homemade, and Beniya Mukayu only uses local ingredients, sourced from their trusted organic suppliers, and finally cooked with love of course. 

Here we have homemade pickles, served on such a beautiful plate that resembles a traditional musical instrument.

mushrooms and other roots vegetables that were so umami and delicious...just makes u wanna have a big bowl of rice with it.

Chirimen Sansho
These tiny white baits with the greenish peppercorn was JS's favourite. He lurve it so much that he got crazy and bought quite a bit back when he first saw it in Kyoto. The white baits were cooked with japanese rice wine and some soy sauce with this special green peppercorn. The end results were delicate yummy tiny fish with the strong peppercorn that leave a good length in ur mouth.

Next, a beautiful ceramic box was presented and a beautiful kaleidoscope colors of local vegetables!!!!Here we have locally grown broccoli, sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, leeks, pumpkins, carrots and radish. 

All were steamed accordingly and my oh my the sweetness and flavours were so different from what was expected. No sauce were needed to consume these, u just want to taste the original beautiful flavours. If only we get produce this good, I don't mind eating my vege everyday for 5 meals!!!! oh yes I do eat 5 meals a day :D:D:D 

Beautiful and yummy local koshi hikari. I like it that they boiled their rice this way, with a claypot. Somehow the rice has got a delicate sweetness to it. Now I understand how Japanese could consume rice plain on its own, bcoz it's so tasty!!!!
A wooden box with beautiful nori on top, it's heated at the that ur nori seaweed would be crispy and warm. If u like it, u can wrap the rice with these. Anyway we have no idea and etiquettes of japanese breakfast dining....we just ate and nom nom nom as we wished :)))

Grilled fish!!!

I lurve this size...coz we can't possibly finish everything but at the same time we lurve varieties >.< Really greedy buggers. So when everything was presented in small portion, it just make it less guilty hahahahaha...especially for not finishing our food.

perfectly made japanese egg omelette and freshly grated daikon. The eggs!!! omg why are eggs here so yummy???

a piece of cured cod roe - mentaiko. Fukuoka/Hakata is famous for mentaiko and a year ago when we were there, we could almost find it everywhere.

a hearty bowl of miso soup with fresh seaweed and aromatic japanese herbs.

after Monkey has gone go-go-ga-ga over the breakfast and the not-so-brief explanation by our room attendant, JS threw me this look....LOL

like how are we gonna finish our big breakfast??? Come on, u are a man!!! This should not be a problem for you.

Monkey gave the "instructional" look....NOW EAT~~~~
and finish every piece of vegetables there!!!

but seriously it wasn't a problem bcoz at the end we mopped everything clean off all the tiny plates. Plus JS had to add more rice bcoz it was really really seriously extremely delicious. Wahhhh looks like we can skip our lunch when we headed to Kyoto *not!!!* after this.

Mr. Nakamichi the owner of the property, eppy JS, Monkey and Mrs. Nakamichi

So nice of them to send us off. Seriously Japanese take hospitality really really very seriously. As in serious SERIOUS. but it's such a novelty to us. :))))

Good bye for now Mr and Mrs Nakamichi. We will definitely return and thank you so much for everything!!! We had an amazing time at Beniya Mukayu :)))

and Happy Monday to my dear readers :)))

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