Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Prime Burger by Rene Schudel

While the whole Malaysia was going go-go-ga-ga over the GCB aka Grilled Chicken Burger which I have yet to try, Switzerland was abuzz with the The Prime burger under its Signature collection. The Prime was introduced late March 2014 which is less than a month old.

Along with this posh burger, 3 different salads was also introduced - Potato salad with tried tomatoes, ebly salad with melon, tomatoes and wheatberries and a coleslaw with fine dressing. The New fries were chunky stumby ones.

Visual speaks for itself...
180gm of beef patty, with slices of crispy bacon....yummy rustic swiss cheese, aragula, tomatoes, onions, coleslaw *minus the dressing* and a very really special spicy sauce which got me hooked

the star was the beef and the spicy sauce. The rest just paired so well especially aragulas. It's a huge burger, the size of my face. Mcdonald's boast that this Prime burger has got character, size and taste which I totally agree. I have no idea how a tiny gal like managed to whacked the entire burger on my own. with 180gm of BEEF!!!!!

As for the weird looking fries that's more like chips...I didn't purchase it, knowing I will have trouble finishing my burger. So I have no idea how delicious/terrible it will be. hahahaha.

The only problem is, this Prime burger is only available in Switzerland, created by renowned Chef Rene Schudel. Guess Mcdonald's has gone upmarket with association to a chef.
It's really super yummy and my only regret was, I only have the time to have one/once. This didn't give me time to indulge at my favourite Burger King Angry Whopper which is only available in Europe, United States and Thailand. Burger King's Angry Whopper is fully loaded with jalapenos, angry sauce and angry onions....yummmzzzzz.....Too many things to eat, too little time. Sigh...has alwiz been my problem.

Only complaint bout this burger was the price tag.
Staggering CHF 10.90 = RM 41.40 just the burger alone!!!!
no wonder Mcdonald's call it the Posh Burger.

Now I am waiting for Mr. JS to emulate something like this :)))) shouldn't be a problem for him I guess??? Read bout Mr. JS's burger partay *here*

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